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Review: "Source Code" and "Hop"

It’s a split decision today "The Lincoln Lawyer" proved to be great as was Limitless" and now there's "Source Code" to recommend. For starters, the premise is intriguing:

Finally, if you've been waiting to see "The King's Speech" with your kids but haven't because it was rated "R", this weekend a new pg-13 version is in theaters all over the city. "Source Code" recalls the thrillers of the past such as those made by Alfred Hitchcock, but this exciting movie also looks to the future. "Source Code" enables you to cross into another man's identity in the last 8 minutes of his life."

Captain Colton Stevens played by Jake Gylenhaal is sent back in time, and wakes up on a train to find he is inside the body of a teacher who like everyone else here-has already died: The idea is for the time traveler to find out who planted the bomb, by repeatedly living through those final minutes before the train exploded.

The captain re-lives the tragedy over & over-gathering new clues each time, with only 8 minutes to spare. In the course of his many trips back in time, he falls in love with one of the doomed passengers-played by Michelle Monahan. Figuring all this out is fun and I highly recommend you consider the "Source Code".

 There’s nothing special about "hop", a mix of live action and animation about a reluctant rabbit who doesn't want to be the Easter bunny.




Wow, this is a smart critique! You know, among all the reviews I've read about Source Code, the common positive thing was that director Duncan Jones did a great job in telling the story. Actually, I made the same remark in my own Source Code movie review. Will you please check it out? Thanks!

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