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Megamind, Due Date and more

Megamind is expected to earn as much as 40 million dollars at the box office this weekend, but it's not the only comedy in theaters.

The director of The Hangover has a new picture out, but Due Date left me disappointed. 

 You can check out my reviews by watching the video below:



I watch eyewitness news only all the time, and I don't always agree with Sandy Kenyons review. I do respect him as a professional doing his job. I would like to know why the Holiday Movies are few this year I take my grandkids Thanksgiving and Christmas Day. I am disapointed everything is 3d and 8 ,9 dollars a ticket. the grandkids are 4yrs. old -12. @ there are7 of them. Please tell me there will be a couple of nice holiday movie this year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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