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Accidents happen

Fashion tips are hot items on YouTube, but when a young lady tried to demonstrate how she curls her hair, well, it went terribly wrong.    At least she got a very viral video out of it.


In this next video, a 17-year-old falls 45 feet from a ski lift!   According to reports, the boy was trying to throw a snowball at some friends in front of him and lost his balance.   It happened on a mountain in Santa Fe, New Mexico.    He suffered a concussion, a skull fracture, a collapsed lung and a lacerated liver.


Here's another accident - a 19-car pile-up in China caught on camera.   Watch the lower left-hand corner.


A couple of fun videos to get you into the weekend... First, Qualcomm came up with interesting marketing campaign called "Best Bus Stop Ever."   I like it!


And finally, gorillas go bananas in the leaves at the Atlanta Zoo!



Google's Glass, Bad Valentine's and 9 Putts

Google has rolled out a viral video showing off its new Glass in action.  Will you wear them?


Video of a man standing up for gay people in response to anti-gay remarks on a subway train has gone viral.   He gets applauded at the end.


Jimmy Kimmel’s latest viral video is a collection of husbands and boyfriends giving their better half a bad Valentine’s gift.


Every month the PGA Golf Management program at Campbell University has a competition between the different classes.  In January, 9 members of the senior class lined up to try to sink a putt at the same time. 



Harlem Shake Washing Machine and a Backflipping Car

The Harlem Shake may be wearing thin, but this video takes it to a whole new level – and with nearly 3 million views, it’s the most shared video on YouTube today.



This car doesn’t look like it’s moving fast enough to do a backflip, but check it out.  This is French rally driver Guerlain Chicherit car backflipping in Tignes, France.



Is this the world’s cutest frog?   It’s a desert rain frog and makes really strange noises.


Michael Strahan's watch

Michael Strahan is showing off an incredibly cool watch -- a Devon Tread watch.   Check it out!



More Russian meteorite videos


We're finding a more and more videos of the Russian meteorite on YouTube.   Here are a few of the new ones:

The first one is after the meteorite and you can hear the glass shattering.


Another view from the street after the meteorite flew overhead, and some dramatic moments as the sonic boom is heard.




Here's another view of the meteorite streaking across the sky.


This next one is a compilation of static cameras in which you see office workers thrown by the sonic boom.


And this video was shot in a classroom as the sonic boom shook the school and shattered glass.


This one was shot outdoors and you can hear the booms!


This one is described as showing a “zinc plant destroyed by a meteorite."


The next two videos are from an uploader in the city of Emanzhelinsk, which is south of Chelyabinsk, where the meteorite struck.



Blast in the sky over Chelyabinsk.




Russian Meteor, Crash Landing and Surfing with Dolphins

It's like something out of a movie, and probably no surprise that video of the Russian meteor has gone viral.     This one of the meteor streaking across the sky was captured by a dashcam.   What got me about this video is no one in the vehicle reacts.


Here's another incredible video captured by a passenger in a small plane that made a crash landing.   The actual landing happens around 1:30 into the video.


From the incredible to the odd….  a most unusual Valentine's message… almost creepy… viewed more than 2.6 million times.


And finally, surfing with the dolphins!



More Harlem Shake, Zombie Apocalypse and Goats Yelling Like Humans

The Harlem Shake videos continue to roll in…  This one from the UGA Men's Swim and Dive team has more than 3 million views!


And they were even doing the Harlem Shake in Times Square!


Canadian lawmakers have a viral video after discussing the zombie apocalypse in the House of Commons.  Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird  addressed whether his agency planned to "develop an international zombie strategy so that a zombie invasion does not turn into a zombie apocalypse."



Finally, goats yelling like humans!





Harlem Shake and Avalanche Racing

"Harlem Shake" is a dance move from the 1980s, but it's exploded on YouTube. It's gone viral thanks to a silly video posted on February 2 by a vlogger named "Filthy Frank." Since then, more than 12,000 "Harlem Shake" spinoff videos have been posted since the start of the month and they'd already been watched upwards of 44 million times. As you can see in the chart below, over 4,000 of these videos are being uploaded per day and that number is still likely on the rise.

The original:


CLICK HERE to see more Harlem Shake videos.

The second Big Mountain run of Sverre Liliequist at the Swatch Skiers Cup 2013 turned into a race against an avalanche, complete with a backflip.




And the fastest rising video this morning is a "flop" from the WinterFest Boxing West Fargo, North Dakota featuring former Minnesota Vikings player Ray Edwards vs Some Guy in the Co-Main Event.



Backflips, basketball shots and hockey pucks

Three great viral videos worth checking out this morning. First, Adam Miller does what may be the first ever backflip from one skateboard to another down six stairs!


And you've probably never seen a full court shot like this. Lewis Palmer's Anna Olson drains this shot with a 1 Hop bounce first at the end of the 3rd quarter.


Tyson Greencorn is only 9 years old, but he had a chance to win $5,000 at Canso and Area Arena in Nova Scotia, Canada with a hockey shot from center ice. When time came to take the shot, he fell on the ice. Watch what happened next.



The Trend - January Jones' hair and 'Why, Why, Manti?'

January Jones is the hot trend of the day after the actress announced during an interview at Sundance that her hair is falling out in clumps. The "Mad Men" star pins the blame on frequent colorings and tells Grazia Daily that she has "been blonde, red with extensions for this film, then blonde, then black, and now blonde again. I’m going to have to shave it off and wear a wig."

Police in South Florida say rapper Rick Ross crashed his Rolls Royce into a building after hearing shots fired nearby. Fort Lauderdale police say Ross and his companion, fashion designer Shateria L. Moragne-el, reported hearing multiple shots fired in their direction at around 5 a.m. Monday. Police say Ross lost control of the silver Rolls and crashed into an apartment building. Neither Ross nor his passenger was injured and police say it did not appear that any bullets struck the Rolls.

The Manti Te'o saga has sparked a viral video. The Notre Dame star’s interview with Katie Couric is the latest subject of Gregory Bros autotune musical creation, called "Why, Why, Manti?"


Ahead of the Super Bowl, San Francisco 49ers backup quarterback Alex Smith is making headlines because of a report that he intends to request his release after the season. It is widely expected that the team will try to trade Smith, who was replaced by quarterback Colin Kaepernick midway through the season despite very good numbers. But Smith is apparently hoping that his loyalty to the team that drafted him, as well as the class with which he handled the demotion, will earn him his release as a reward. That would allow him more control over his next destination.

The rare execution of a woman convicted of murdering her 71-year-old neighbor will mark the first time in three years that a female has been put to death in the U.S. Fifty-one-year-old Kimberly McCarthy is scheduled for lethal injection in Texas Tuesday evening for the 1997 fatal stabbing of retired college psychology professor Dorothy Booth. Investigators say Booth had agreed to give McCarthy a cup of sugar before she was attacked at her home in Lancaster, about 15 miles south of Dallas. It was among three slayings linked to McCarthy, a former nursing home therapist who'd been addicted to crack cocaine. McCarthy will be the 13th woman executed in the U.S. since 1976, when the Supreme Court allowed the death penalty to resume. Since then, more than 1,300 men have been executed.

If you're a Star Trek fan, you might enjoy this homemade shot-for-shot remake of the latest trailer for the new film. Some people just have a lot of free time.


Book store chain Barnes and Noble might slowly be going the way of Borders. The head of Barnes and Noble's retail group, Mitchel Klipper, said in an interview published Monday in The Wall Street Journal that the company will have 450 to 500 stores in a decade. That's down from about 689 currently. Klipper said the chain plans to close about 20 stores a year over the period.

The Slow Mo Guys bring you’re their latest viral video, the collapse of two cooling towers.


Adele Hall, wife of Hallmark Cards Chairman Donald J. Hall, has died. She was 81. Hallmark Cards spokesman Steve Doyal said Monday that Adele Hall collapsed and died unexpectedly Saturday at the family's home in Hawaii. The Kansas City-based greeting cards company says Hall had been married to her husband for nearly 60 years.

Finally, it's the Invisible Drive-Thru prank, part two!


That's the Trend!