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Accidents happen

Fashion tips are hot items on YouTube, but when a young lady tried to demonstrate how she curls her hair, well, it went terribly wrong.    At least she got a very viral video out of it.


In this next video, a 17-year-old falls 45 feet from a ski lift!   According to reports, the boy was trying to throw a snowball at some friends in front of him and lost his balance.   It happened on a mountain in Santa Fe, New Mexico.    He suffered a concussion, a skull fracture, a collapsed lung and a lacerated liver.


Here's another accident - a 19-car pile-up in China caught on camera.   Watch the lower left-hand corner.


A couple of fun videos to get you into the weekend... First, Qualcomm came up with interesting marketing campaign called "Best Bus Stop Ever."   I like it!


And finally, gorillas go bananas in the leaves at the Atlanta Zoo!



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