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December 2012


Kim K, 2-handed writing and Home with Dada

Good morning and happy New Year's Eve!

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are the top trending topic this New Year's Eve, after the rapper announced on stage in Atlantic City that the couple is expecting their first child. The news instantly went viral on Twitter and Facebook, with thousands posting and commenting on the expecting couple. Most of the Kardashian clan also tweeted about the news, including Kim's sisters and mother. Kourtney Kardashian wrote: "Another angel to welcome to our family. Overwhelmed with excitement!" West, 35, also told concertgoers to congratulate his "baby mom" and that this was the "most amazing thing."

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton is under observation at a New York hospital after being treated for a blood clot stemming from the concussion she sustained earlier this month. Clinton's doctors discovered the clot Sunday while performing a follow-up exam, her spokesman, Philippe Reines, said. He would not elaborate on the location of the clot but said Clinton was being treated with anti-coagulants and would remain at New York-Presbyterian Hospital for at least the next 48 hours so doctors can monitor the medication.

We're always showing dashcam videos out of Russia, where they are apparently all the rage, but this time around a video caught a plane crash. The Tu-204 belonging to Russian airline Red Wings was carrying eight people, all of them crew members, when it careered off the runway Saturday while landing at Moscow's Vnukovo Airport. It went partly into an adjacent highway, broke into pieces and caught fire. Four people were pronounced dead soon after the crash and the airline said on its Twitter account that a fifth, a flight attendant, died Sunday. Those who died Saturday were the pilot, co-pilot, flight engineer and another attendant, Red Wings said. The video has been viewed more than half a million times.


The Mayan apocalypse may not have happened in 2012, but stargazers have something to look forward to in 2013: Comets. Researchers say next year may be the best for spotting comets in a generation, after the comet Ison broke free from the Oort cloud and is headed our way. It if survives the journey, astronomers say it could become even brighter than the moon as it makes a pass by earth next fall.

A fun day of sledding went horribly wrong on Jackson Lake in Wrightwood, California, on Christmas day. A young boy falls through the ice, as do several other people trying to rescue him. Eventually, someone comes over with a rope and pulls everyone out. The rescues were caught on videos. 


Charlie Sheen is apologizing after he was caught on video uttering a homophobic slur. Sheen attended the opening of the Epic Bar on the rooftop of the four-story El Ganzo hotel in San Jose del Cabo in Mexico Friday night, and was on stage introducing some musical acts when he said, "How we doing? Lying bunch of [expletive], how we doing?" Sheen issued a statement saying "I meant no ill will and intended to hurt no one, and I apologize if I offended anyone."

A Chinese woman is showing off a rare talent in another viral video. She can write with both hands at the same time. 


As the new year beckons and Hollywood reflects on the year that was, a little-known Christian Slater film is getting a lot more attention than it did at the box office. "Playback" was 2012's biggest box office bust in terms of dollars. The movie made a whopping $264 to be named the year's lowest-grossing film. Conversely, the year's highest-grossing movie was "The Avengers," which made $1.5 billion worldwide. That's 5,681,818 times what "Playback" made.

The man responsible for "Gangnam Style" can breathe a Psy of relief after his viral video rival was deported from the UK. The "One Pound Fish" man, Muhammed Nazir, was told to get out of the country and go back to Pakistan because his work visa was expired. Nazir's video has been viewed nearly 11 million times, but that is still well behind Psy's 1.1 billion views. "Gangnam Style" is the most viewed viral video of all time.

Finally, a father documents time at home with his son in an amusing time-lapse video.


That's the Trend!


Deadly Eggs, Lip Dubs and Nymphomaniacs

Good morning!

The celebrity obituaries continue to roll in as the New Year approaches, and a trio of famous deaths is trending across the web world. Don't they say it always happens in threes?

The first is retired General Norman Schwarzkopf, who apparently didn't care much for his popular "Stormin' Norman" nickname. The seemingly no-nonsense Desert Storm commander's reputed temper with aides and subordinates supposedly earned him that rough-and-ready moniker. But others around the general, who died Thursday in Tampa at the age of 78 of complications from pneumonia, knew him as a friendly, talkative and even jovial figure who preferred the somewhat milder sobriquet given by his troops: "The Bear."

Ray Collins, who invited guitarist Frank Zappa to join the band that eventually became the Mothers of Invention, died at age 75. Collins' friend Patrick Brayer tells the Inland Valley Daily Bulletin that the musician from Claremont, California, died Monday, five days after a heart attack. Collins brought Zappa to R&B cover band the Soul Giants in 1964. By 1966, they had become the Mothers of Invention, releasing their first album, "Freak Out," on Verve Records.

Finally, fans are mourning the loss of Fontella Bass, the St. Louis-born soul singer who hit the top of the R&B charts with "Rescue Me" in 1965. She was 72. Bass died Wednesday night at a St. Louis hospice of complications from a heart attack suffered three weeks ago, her daughter, Neuka Mitchell, said. Bass had also suffered a series of strokes over the past seven years.

Check out a slideshow of notable deaths from 2012.

A 20-year-old man in Tunisia may have won bragging rights after winning a bet to eat 28 raw eggs, but it cost him the ultimate in the end. Friends dared Dhaou Fatnassi to attempt the feat, and shortly after consuming more than two dozen eggs, Fatnassi began complaining of severe stomach pain. He died before medical assistance reached the scene. Although the eggs were likely responsible, the exact cause of death has not been determined.

From the bad absurd to the good, a ridiculous lip dub of One Direction is going viral. "Shadow Pico" is a "foreign language film" featuring the breakout boy band. Sort of. Check out the trailer (and try not to laugh).


Shia LaBeouf is not shy about the new romance in his life. The actor has been dating "Nymphomaniac" co-star Mia Goth for the last month or so, and numerous public displays of affection are making the rounds. I'm wondering if all the people searching for "Nymphomaniac Mia Goth" recognize that it's a role and not a description.

Animator Steve Cuts is exploring mankind's impact on the environment in another video gaining steam. "Man" was created in Flash and After Effects and looks at man's relationship with the natural world. (Hint: It's mostly bad for animals and trees.)


Ned Rocknroll is a hot search as people try and find out more about Kate Winslet's third husband. The couple tied the knot earlier this month, and yes, that's his real name…now. The 34-year-old Rocknroll was born Able Smith and is the nephew of billionaire Virgin Group founder Richard Branson.

Skater Girls in Kabul is another video going viral. It shows the charity group Skateistan, which brings skateboarding and education to girls in Afghanistan. See what the group was up to over the summer.


"Tim Tebow Quitter" is a trending term this Friday after the (over?)hyped Jets quarterback once again got the shaft from team management. Third-stringer Greg McElroy, who was preparing for his second career start when he was diagnosed with a concussion, is out, and former starter Mark Sanchez is back in. Tebow's days are clearly numbered in the Big Apple, but not without some parting shots to end the bitter relationship on a particularly sour note. Tebow has been trying to clear up the he said, she said talk going on in the media about him refusing to play in his standard Wildcat formation last week. Tebow responded by saying:

"When people are talking about how you play football or how much, that's one thing, it really doesn't bother me. I think the only thing that has been disappointing for me these last few days, and frustrating, is the people saying, 'Oh, you quit on the team' or 'You're not a good teammate.' I think that's disappointing. You ask the people that I've played with, and I take a lot of pride in that, you ask the people that I've played with, my teammates, the people around me, and they know I'll do anything for my teammates. I would go out there and play my heart out, be the first one at practice, the last one to leave, do whatever I can for my teammates."

Finally, little Reese is sooooo happy about his Christmas present!


That's the Trend!


Peter Parker's death and Jennifer Aniston's abs

Good morning!

It's the end of an era in the comic book world, and fans around the world are up in arms over the death of Peter Parker, a.k.a. the Amazing Spider-Man. The superhero loses an epic battle with nemesis Doctor Octopus in the franchise's 700th issue, ending a 50-year run as the web slinger. Parker and Otto Octavius had undergone a switcheroo, with Parker's mind is trapped in the withered, decaying dying body of his rival. After the battle, it's Octavius who wins out. Parker is, at least for now, gone for good, but not before one more act of heroism. Parker's memories envelop Octavius, which shows the villain what it means to be a hero. "Gone are his days of villainy, but since it's Doc Ock and he has that ego, he's not going to try and just be Spider-Man, he's going to try to be the best Spider-Man ever," writer Dan Slott said.


The end of the Mayan calendar didn't bring about the end of the world last week, and now it appears an asteroid won't do it either, at least not anytime soon. NASA had said there was a 1 percent chance that an asteroid would hit our planet in 2040, but after observing its future course, astronomers say that risk has been  eliminated. A collision with earth would have been more powerful than the atomic bombs that ended WWII. 

Can't get enough Fun? Check out a new version of the band's hit song "We Are Young Parts," the old-school computer remix, with the song played by vintage computer components.


Janet Jackson is reportedly engaged to her boyfriend Wissam Al Mana, a billionaire from Qatar, although the singer has not confirmed the news. According to US Weekly, which carried the report on Wednesday, Mana, 37, gave the 46-year-old "huge, expensive ring" earlier this year and that the two plan to wed in the spring in a multi-million dollar ceremony in his native country. A spokesperson for Jackson had no immediate comment. If the two tie the knot, it would mark Jackson's third marriage.

Guinness is recounting the new world records set this year in a viral video. Check out the best of 2012.


Jennifer Aniston's bikini body is also making headlines, though the pictures of the 43-year-old stunner are also squashing any rumors that she might be pregnant. Aniston was spotted with fiancé Justin Theroux in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, where the actress flaunted her rock-hard abs in a pink two piece.


Finally, a great dane cuddles with a baby. The video is originally from October, but has recently seen a huge spike in views.


That's the Trend!



The Trend - Babies, deaths and holiday videos

Good morning!

It's the day after Christmas, the day when people groggily wake up from their holiday slumbers (hangovers) and head to the malls to return those unwanted gifts and use their new gift cards. Retailers are hoping for a strong post-holiday surge after a less-than-stellar shopping season.  This year, the season was marred by bad weather and rising uncertainty about the economy in the face of possible tax hikes and spending cuts early next year. Some analysts say the massacre of schoolchildren in Newtown may also have chipped away at shoppers' enthusiasm.

Speaking of Christmas, one man's reaction to getting a ticket to the college football national championship game has gone viral. As of this writing, the video has been viewed nearly 1.7 million times.


Jessica Simpson's daughter has the news all spelled out: "Big Sis." Simpson on Tuesday tweeted a photo of her baby daughter Maxwell playing in the sand, the words "Big Sis" spelled out. The 32-year-old old singer and personality has been rumored to be expecting again. The tweet appears to confirm the rumors. 

Next up, the first lady reads "Twas the Night Before Christmas" (with a little help from first dog Bo) at a children's hospital.


Two celebrity deaths are trending. Charles During, the two-time Oscar nominee who was dubbed the king of the character actors for his skill in playing everything from a Nazi colonel to the pope, died Monday at his home in New York City. He was 89. Jack Klugman, the prolific, craggy-faced character actor and regular guy who was loved by millions as the messy one in TV's "The Odd Couple" and the crime-fighting coroner in "Quincy, M.E.," died Monday, a son said. He was 90.

Finally, YouTube brings you the top 10 holiday videos of 2012.


That's the Trend!


Miss Universe, Mayans and Rewind Style

Good morning!

In this season of giving, someone left a half-billion dollars in checks at a holy site in Jerusalem.  According to Rabbi Shmuel Rabinovitch, who oversees the Western Wall, a worshipper found an envelope packed with 507 checks in the amount of $1 million each at the site.   They were not addressed to anyone, so it's doubtful they can be cashed.  Rabinovitch says it's not the first time such large checks have been received, but they all bounce if cashed.    The rabbi thinks whoever leaves the checks wants "to give all they had to the Creator of the universe."

Speaking of the universe, there's a new Miss Universe.  A 20-year-old Boston University sophomore and self-described "cellist-nerd" has captured the crown.   Olivia Culpo beat out 88 other beauty queens to earn the title during the competition in Las Vegas.  It's the first time in more than a decade that a woman from the United States has won the title.

Jenny McCarthy's abs have become a hot search thanks to the latest issue of Shape magazine, which made her abs the focus of its cover photo.   McCarthy talks about how she manages to maintain her bombshell status now that she's 40, revealing some of her dieting and exercise tricks.   She's not all a picture of health.   McCarthy says she's trying to cut down on smoking and drinking coffee to become more healthy.

His team may not even make the playoffs, but Minnesota Vikings quarterback Chris Ponder is already wearing a ring.   Ponder performed a quarterback sneak of sorts, confirming rumors that 2 weeks after their announced engagement, he and ESPN college football reporter Samantha Steele are married.  They tied the knot at St. Croix County Court in Wisconsin on Monday.   After word leaked out, Steele took to Twitter to respond to all the messages.  "Twitter is so tricky.  Who knew that "she's pregnant" & "they'll be divorced soon" are just the 2012 version of "congrats"! Thx guys! J" she tweeted.

Bruno Mars' second album Unorthodox Jukebox failed to knock off Taylor Swift has the number 1 album in all the land.   The country pop star's Red has been the top selling album for 5 straight weeks  now, according to Billboard.   Mars' album sold about 192,000 copies in its debut week, 16,000 fewer than Swift's album.

And the Mayans are trending ahead of tomorrow's much-hyped doomsday.  Some believe the world will end on 12/21/12, which marks the end of an important phase on the ancient Mayan calendar.   What it means has inspired websites, Twitter handles and Facebook pages designed to help you survive the oncoming apocalypse.  The folks at NASA say all those who are panicking and running for the mountains (yes, some are doing that) need to calm down.  "It will be another winter solstice.  The claims behind the end of the world quickly unravel when pinned down to the 2012 timeline," NASA says.  Even Mayans who are still around in a small village in Mexico say the hype is hogwash.  "Lots of people say it's the end of the world, but we don't believe that," says wood carver Santos Esteban.   

An update on yesterday viral baby-snatching eagle video:  Three students at a Canadian design school have come forward to say they made the video, and it is indeed a hoax.  

You may have seen or played fruit ninja the video game, but how about some real life fruit ninja?


A freaky looking snowman is scaring people!


Olympic snowboarder Shaun White has finally cut off his shoulder-length hair!   He's giving it to Locks of Love, which makes hairpieces for children who've suffered hair loss.


And finally, Rewind Style from the gang at YouTube!


That's the trend!

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Person of the Year, Instagram and A Little Magic

Good morning!

Person of the Year is the hot topic this morning, and that honor, according to Time magazine, goes to President Obama.   He also received the honor in 2008, when he was president-elect.   The Time Person of the Year celebrates the person or thing that has most influenced the culture and the news during the past year for better or worse.

Instagram's proposed new terms of service set off a fire storm of users threatening to quit the service.   The terms announced on Monday included a clause stating Instagram had the right to turn images into advertisements without any approval from or compensation for users.   The move is part of Facebook's effort (Facebook now owns Instagram) to make money.   The firestorm came from many sources, even Mark Zuckerberg's wedding photographer Noah Kalina, who tweeted , "Pro or not if a company wants to use your photos for advertising they need to TELL you and PAY you."   The hacker group Anonymous urged its 780,000 Twitter followers to dump Instagram.   Founder Kevin Systrom tried to calm the uproar late in the day, writing that "Instagram does not claim any ownership rights over your photos.  We respect your photos are your photos.  Period."  He added that Instagram does not intend to sell photos and the company is working on updating the language in the terms.

The New York Jets have dumped Mark Sanchez as the starting quarterback after Monday's debacle against Tennessee.   Sanchez turned over the ball 5 times, including three times in the final 7 minutes, knocking the Jets from playoff contention.  Greg McElroy will lead the team against San Diego this week.   And what about Tebow Time?  It appears that clock has expired.   Tim Tebow will spend the game where he spent most of the season.  Watching from the sidelines.   He wants out of New York after a season in which the Jets could never answer the question, why did we trade for this guy?

Rihanna is suggesting that it's all over with Chris Brown, again.  "Being single sucks," she tweeted, conflicting with a report that Rihanna, 24, and Brown, 23, planned to spend the holidays together in a big house in Barbados.  She was apparently fuming after photos turned up showing Brown partying with some scantily-clad women.  "Never underestimate a man's ability to make you feel guilty for his mistakes," she tweeted.   It's not all bad for Rihanna, though.  Us magazine reports she purchased a $12-million mansion in Pacific Palisades, California that includes 7 bedrooms and 9 bathrooms.   And outside, you can sit by a large pool that shoots water in arching jets from all sides.  Ah, the good life.

From YouTube, a very viral video of an eagle trying to snatch a baby.   It's likely a fake, according to critics.  "When the bird swoops down, its shadow pops in one frame after it does. And for one frame, and one frame only, around three seconds in, its right wing becomes transparent," writes NewStatesman blogger Alex Hern.   Check it out.


From apparent trick videography to goalkeeper trick shots!


Then there's the kite surfer who jumped over a humpback whale.


And finally, more trickery here… a magical proposal!


That's the trend!

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Gangnam Style Death, Geminids and One Pound Fish

Good morning!

It might be the world's first Gangnam Style death, and it’s one of the most popular story on Yahoo! this morning.  Eamonn Kilbride, a 46-year-old father of three , collapsed with chest pains at his office party in England after performing the dance moves made famous by South Korea rapper PSY.   The death prompted warnings from doctors there that middle-aged men should not "stray outside their comfort zone" while dancing at Christmas parties.   Kilbride's wife was celebrating her birthday that same night.  She paid tribute to her husband by calling him "the life of the party."

Death Star is trending because a petition on the White House website has garnered enough signatures to warrant a response from the Obama Administration.  The petition calls for the U.S. to secure resources and funding to build a Star Wars-like Death Star, a doomsday weapon capable of destroying planets.   The supporters rationalize such a weapon would boost job numbers and national defense.   Thanks to campaigns on social networks such as Reddit and Twitter, the petition has surpassed the 25,000 signatures needed for a White House review.  Now, it's up to the Obama administration to issue a response.

It wasn't a Death Star, but the Geminid meteor shower that had people searching Google and looking up overnight.   The Geminids hit their peak overnight.  NASA expected more than 100 space rocks would be visible each hour.   Earthlings also benefited from the moon being in a new phase, so no moon glare blocking the brilliance of the shooting stars.   The Geminids are debris from 3200 Phaethon, a "rock comet."

The Hobbit is a hot topic on social networks athis morning as Peter Jackson's return to Middle Earth hit the big screen at midnight.   The movie is based on the classic book by J.R. Tolkien.   The book was just shy of 300 pages.  The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey is nearly 3 hours long, and only covers a third of the book.   Yes, two more movies are coming.   Some of the reviews on Twitter this morning: awesome, exceeded my expectations, and fantastic.

The ABC drama Scandal is a scorching topic on Twitter this morning after last night's cliffhanging finale for 2012 that several fans tweeted left them "speechless" (but obviously not tweetless!).   Fans will have to wait until January to see what happens next…. No spoilers here, just in case you DVRed it!  Check out #Scandal on Twitter for reaction.

Hot on YouTube is a mistletoe prank with varying results!


This next viral video comes from London in which Muhammad Shahid Nazir, a fish monger in Queens Market, sings about expensive fish and pretty girls.


Next, two mascots rumble!   It was supposed to be a staged duel between the two escalated into a real brawl during a high school game in Louisville, Kentucky.


Finally, a very bizarre video featuring a cow and an audio dub.


That's the trend!

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12-12-12 Concert, Justin Bieber and One Angry Wife

Good morning!

The 12-12-12 Concert may go down as one of the biggest online events ever, as tens of millions were expected to watch the sold-out benefit concert for Superstorm Sandy victims on their laptops, smart phones and tablets.   Producers expected up to 2 billion people would watch it either online or on television or listen to it on the radio all over the world.   Lots of people are still buzzing about it this morning, as #121212concert remains the top trending topic.  Bruce Springsteen opened the show with a passionate performance of Land of Hope and Dreams and Wrecking Ball.   He later called upon fellow New Jersey native Jon Bon Jovi to join him in Born to Run.  The concert was like Madam Tussad's come to life featuring The Rolling Stones, The Who, Eric Clapton, Roger Waters, Billy Joel and Paul McCartney.   The show also included appearances from the likes of Jon Stewart, Chris Rock and Adam Sandler.  Proceeds from the show will be distributed to victims through the Robin Hood Foundation.   Ticket sales for the show had already raised more than $30-million, and donations were expected to push that amount into the hundreds of millions.

Justin Bieber, the target of a murder plot?  A convicted killer imprisoned in New Mexico is accused of plotting with two others to hit the18-year-old pop star during his concerts in New York City last month.  ABC News reports Dana Martin, 45, was the mastermind of plot.   Martin, who is serving 978 years in jail for rape and murder, has a Bieber tattoo on his leg and apparently became enraged when his attempts to contact Bieber went unanswered.   He allegedly enlisted a former inmate and a nephew to carrying out his plan to castrate and murder Bieber.  They set off on November 14th.   The pair got as far as Vermont, but missed an exit and ended up at the border crossing in Canada.  One of them was arrested on an outstanding warrant.  The other was arrested later after New York State Police eavesdropped on a call and heard references to the murder plot.

Sarah Palin's son Track is trending after filing for divorce.    Track, 22, and his soon to be ex-wife Britta filed the papers jointly and spelled out who gets what.   She gets custody of their 1-year-old daughter, while he gets visitation rights.  According to TMZ, Britta also gets to keep her bank account holdings and any jewelry.   Track gets to keep his bank account holdings, his tools and a gun collection valued at $1,000.  

Twitter is buzzing with excitement over the release of Google Maps for iPhones.  The app was removed when Apple rolled out its newest iOS and replaced with an Apple Maps program, which according to many users is good for helping to get you lost.   Now they can download Google Maps to be found.

From YouTube, how about a little music for your Thursday!   First, N'Sync a capella.


You may be sick of seeing Gangnam Style covers, but check out this one - Two PSY fans bring his hit song to the ukulele and guitar.


What happened when a Brazilian wife found out her husband was cheating?   She took it out on his car…


It's not every day that we get to show a volleyball highlight, but this one features a triple head shot!


Finally, two dogs and a bone.


That's the trend!

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Zeigeist 2012, Pope Tweets and Driving Dogs

Good morning!

Google's hot searches list of 2012 is out.   Whitney Houston was the top trending search, according to the Zeigeist report - Google's 12th annual round up of top internet trends.   Korean rapper PSY's Gangnam Style music video was the second most searched term.   The video has nearly a billion views on YouTube.   Superstorm Sandy ranked third.    Round out the top 10: iPad 3, Diablo 3, Kate Middleton, the 2012 Olympics, Amada Todd, Michael Clarke Duncan and BBB12 (also known as Big Brother Brasil, a reality show featuring barely dressed men and women living together).

Wait there's more!

The top memes (a way to spread addictive ideas and phrases) are out.  Facebook says its top memes included TBH (To Be Honest), YOLO (You Only Live Once), SMH (Shake My Head) and Big Bird, thanks to Mitt Romney.

Yahoo's top searched memes include Kony 2012 (the short film and campaign against Ugandan militia leader Joseph Kony), "stingray photobomb" (a vacation photo that went viral) and "binders full of women," thanks again to Mitt Romney.

And last but not least, the most popular retweets of 2012 according to Twitter are President Obama's "For more years" and Justin Bieber's "RIP Avalanna.  i love you."   Avalanna was a six-year-old girl who died from a rare form of brain cancer.  She was one of Bieber's biggest fans.

Speaking of Tweets, the Pope has tweeted for the first time.  "Dear friends, I am pleased to get in touch with you through Twitter. Thank you for your generous response. I bless all of you from my heart," Pope Benedict tweeted early this morning.   He actually has 8 Twitter accounts, so he can tweet in different languages.

Two giant asteroids passed close to Earth today.   The asteroids 2012 XE54 and 4179 Toutatis did not pose any danger to the planet, experts say.   Toutatis was the much larger of the two, often described as a “malformed potato.”  Well, this potato is about 3 miles long and 1.5 miles wide.  By comparison, the asteroid suspected of wiping out dinosaurs is estimated to have been about 6 miles wide.  Close, of course, is a matter of perspective, but Toutatis came within 4.3 million miles of Earth, or about 18 times the distance between planet rock and the moon.   That was close enough to be picked up by telescopes and streamed live on various space watching sites.  Toutatis passes by Earth about every four years.

An outpouring of remembrances for Pandit Ravi Shankar is a trending topic on Twitter this morning.  Shankar's music transcended cultural barriers, bringing Indian music to the west, during a life that lasted nearly a century.   Shankar, already famous in India at the time, taught Beatle George Harrison to play the sitar in the sixties and took Eastern music mainstream, performing at Monterey in 1967 and at Woodstock in 1969.  One of his daughters is jazz singer Norah Jones.  Shankar, who was 92, had been in failing health over the past year, but continued to perform.   He shared a stage with another daughter Anoushka, who is also a sitar virtuoso, just last month.  It was his last public performance.

Actress Amy Adams continues to pick up honors ahead of Oscar season.  She will receive the Santa Barbara International Film Festival's Cinema's Vanguard Award for her performance in The Master.    The honor comes on the heels of the Los Angeles Film Critics Association naming Adams as best supporting actress for her performance as the wife of a charismatic spiritual leader in the 1950s.    She has been nominated for Oscars three times, but has never won.

Ask Men's  annual list of 99 most desirable women is out and the bigger winner is Jennifer Lawrence, the star of The Hunger games.  Desirability is determined by attractiveness, personality, talent and other factors, according to Ask Men.  Mila Kunis and model Kate Upton round out the top 3.  Kim Kardashian, who ranked in the top 10 on the list last year, has dropped to 98.  

From YouTube, Silent Night 2012 at Taylor University.  It's one of the coolest traditions in college sports.  Fans remain silent until Taylor U scores its 10th point of the game.  Then, the crowd goes wild.


It appears that catfish like bird hunting, at least in this viral video.


So this guy was apparently babysitting and having some fun with the kids, but he didn't think it through.   Check out the video.


Finally, be careful on the road if visiting New Zealand.  Dogs can drive.


That's the trend!

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Brandon Jacobs, Miley Cyrus and After Earth

Good morning!

Social media has landed former Giants running back Brandon Jacobs on the sidelines for the rest of the season.  The San Francisco 49ers suspended Jacobs without explanation on Monday, but the suspension followed a series of social media posts including an Instagram photo in which Jacobs said he was "on this team rotting away."   After the suspension, Jacobs took to Twitter to say "Thank you for all your support.  I am doing wonderful it's not a big deal things happen.  I am strong enough to get through this, again thank you for your support. #IWILLBEBACK."   But probably not in San Francisco.

Miley Cyrus sparked a trend with word that she performed in an S&M-style outfit with a couple of strippers at a Christmas show on Saturday night.   Cyrus, 20, performed with Israeli dubstep DJ Borgore at the Christmas Creampies concert in Los Angeles.   As if we needed a reminder that she is no longer Hannah Montana, Cyrus sported a scanty top and an even shorter haircut than she had back in August.  Perhaps she is transforming into Cyrihanna. 

LeAnn Rimes became a hot search after breaking down during an interview with E! News about the affair with now-husband Eddie Cibrian that broke up both of their previous marriages.   "I never, ever, in my heart want to hurt anyone," she said.  "You can't break what's broken already."  Rimes says she resents being called a home wrecker.  Cibrian, 39, and Rimes, 30, were both married when they began their torrid affair in 2009 while filming a Lifetime movie.   Rimes and Cibrian's ex, Brandi Glanville, have been feuding over Twitter for the past few weeks.   Among other things, Glanville claims her 9-year-old son got sick after eating laxatives belonging to Rimes.   Not true, says Rimes' publicist.  What a soap opera!

Dancing With The Stars All-Stars celebrity Pam Anderson has some big tax bills to pay.   According to TMZ, Anderson owes more than $300,000 to the IRS and the State of California from 2011.   No comment from Anderson, who had tax problems in 2009.  She was one of the first celebrities sent packing on Dancing this past season.

M. Night Shyamalan's After Earth hits the big screen next summer, but the trailer is out now on YouTube.   Shyamalan directed but did not write this film starring Will Smith and Jaden Smith on patrol over Earth a thousand years after a cataclysmic event left the planet no place for humans.


This sports highlight might qualify as the worst free throw ever!


Video of a young man who can imitate the sound of a siren now has more than one million views.   This is not the original video, which was posted some time ago.


Think that's something?  Check out the dog that can imitate a baby.


That's the trend!

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