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The Emmys, Torrey Smith and the Shippo

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The Emmys are a trending topic this morning after ABC's Modern Family and Showtime's Homeland won big at last night's awards ceremony.   Modern Family captured four comedy awards, including best comedy show.   The psychological thriller Homeland upset Mad Men to win best drama and three other awards, including Claire Danes for best actress and Damian Lewis for best actor.   Michael  J. Fox received a standing ovation as he presented the final award.  "I'm steady as a rock," said Fox, who continues to act, 21 years after being diagnosed with Parkinson's disease. 

(AP Photo/ John Shearer)

Jimmy Kimmel hosts the 64th annual awards, and he carried out his promised prank.   Kimmel recruited 30 Rock star Tracy Morgan to lie down on stage and asked audience members to tweet and post to Facebook, "OMG Tracy Morgan just passed out onstage at the #Emmys.  Turn on ABC now.  "OMG Tracy Morgan" became a trending topic worldwide almost instantly.   According to @TwitterTV, the prank sparked around 25,000 tweets.   Morgan remained "passed out" on stage while the Best Writing for a Drama award was presented.  He remained there until 4 actors carried Morgan offstage.

Baltimore Ravens wide receiver Torrey Smith is a hot topic after an agonizing day ended with an emotional victim.  Smith's younger brother died in a motorcycle crash in rural Virginia late Saturday night.   Smith received the call at 1:00 a.m. at his hotel room, and quickly headed home.   Smith wasn't sure he would even suit up for the game, but decided to play.   Smith caught a pair of touchdown passes in a come-from-behind 31-30 victory over New England.  After the game, he only wanted to talk about his brother, Tevin.  He graduated from high school in 2010, where he played football and basketball.    "When you'd see him mad, you'd always laugh because it didn't look right," Smith said.  "So to be around him, his big smile and his laugh, which was probably one of the most annoying laughs ever.  I'm definitely going to miss him," Smith said.   Tevin would have turned 20 this coming Saturday.

(AP Photo/Gail Burton)

Also buzzing after that game was Patriots head coach Bill Belichick grabbing an official as he was leaving the field.  It appeared to be an attempt to speak with the official, but he ignored the grasp and continued off field.   A total of 24 penalties were accepted in the game, 10 of which were committed by New England.   Belichick was visibly frustrated in the post-game news conference, but deferred on commenting.   "You'll have to talk to the officials about the way they called the game, talk to the league about it, I don't know," he said.

Twitter is buzzing with word that Queen Elizabeth has made an unlikely purchase - four iconic screen prints of herself created by Andy Warhol.   The cult pop artist made the prints in 1985.  He once said, "I want to be as famous as the Queen of England."   Who knew she was a fan?  The images are sprinkled with "diamond dust," which is really fine particles of glass that sparkle in the light like diamonds.  The prints will be displayed at an exhibition in Windsor Castle later this year to mark the Queen's Diamond Jubilee.

A pretty amazing soccer highlight featuring one-legged player Nico Calabria, a high school senior in Massachusetts, has gone viral on YouTube.



Earlier this month, we saw the Popinator (which was not real by the way) take YouTube by storm… this week, we have Shippo, the brain controlled tail.


A terrifying site in Canada where a humpback whale got caught on a boat anchor in Toquart Bay.   The whale drags the boat of a bit before freeing itself.  The entire incident was caught on camera.


Finally, a squirrel on a kitchen rampage makes a dramatic escape to safety.


That's the trend!

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