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Why does a McDonald's burger look better in a photo?

Believe it or not, McDonald's answered this question in what is now a viral video on YouTube. 


The video was posted in response to a young customer who asked "Why does your food look different in advertising than what is in the store?"   The answer is a process called "food-styling," which is a essentially a Photoshop process involving technicians, photographers and executives.  The decision to lift the curtain on this trade secret is something of a surprise, but one that could also open the company to criticism that it is doctoring food to mislead customers.




This is not new. As a teenager I worked for Burger King and some of the staff was present during an in-store promotional photo shoot. The burger was seared on the outside to look broiled...but indeed it had not been cooked. The pickles and tomatoes were handpicked and arranged to look plump and inviting, the bun was not the same bun used in the store and even the ketchup and mustard were not the real thing. They had been colored and thickened. Those ad photos are all an illusion created by the company to make your mouth water. Not exactly what you get when you unwrap your burger at the pick-up window!!

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