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A boy named Brandon and how you can help him


One of our Facebook friends posted this story on our Eyewitness News wall and asked if we would share it.  It is the story of Brandon Higgins, a boy from Brooklin, Maine who was diagnosed with an inoperable tumor on his brain stem. He has a Christmas wish to have at least 5,000 "likes" on his Facebook page by Christmas day.


Brandon turned 16 in October.  He was diagnosed with Brainstem Giloma about a year ago and given 18 months to live.  This cancer has no cure.  It affects all his motor functions, breathing, heart rate, and eventually the movement of his limbs

"He went through a spell within the past 3 months of seizures losing lots of weight. He dropped 18 pounds in less than 2 months. We seem to have come through that now and he gained 5 pounds last month," his mother, Louanne, told me.

He went through nearly 40 treatments of radiation and now the tumor has shrunk and is showing inactivity.  Brandon goes for an MRI every three months to continue to check on the tumor.

Brandon's mom and dad divorced shortly before his diagnosis.   He also has an older sister, Ashley, who is attending college.

His mom quit her full-time job to take care of him.  Ashley also works and helps out her mom by taking care of Brandon once a week.  The illness is not only taking a financial toll, but an emotional one as well.

"As a mom, watching your child go through something like this is heart breaking," his mother said. "He has a very kind heart, loves kids, and would do anything for someone if they were hurt."

Despite his illness, Brandon maintains his love of basketball.   The Celtics are his favorite team.  They even invited him to a game with courtside seats.

His mom said she tried to get him into hockey during the lockout, but he just didn't get into it.

Now that the lockout is over, basketball will return on Christmas Day, including his beloved Celtics against the Knicks.   And with a bit of luck, one more wish will come true.

"A great Christmas gift for him would be to have MANY people support him and PRAY for his recovery!" his mom said.

All you need to do to contribute to his happiness, support his recovery and make his Christmas wish come true is like his Facebook page.



UPDATE:  Thank you to everyone who shared this story and liked Brandon's page.  The page topped 5,000 likes in a little over an hour and a half after we first shared this story.    Brandon and his mom are thrilled, to say the least… hoping for 5,000 more. :)




Jill Madura

An amazing boy!!! Lets double his christmas wish and give him 10,000 likes on his page!!!! Show him that Christmas Miracles can happen!!!

vickie roy

Hi Brandon
I hope you havr enjoyed the pictures I drew for you. I understand some of what you've been through. I have had epilepsy my whole life. So I have seizures. If you want anymore pictures let me know. keep yiu chin up.
Love Vickie Roy

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