Get Push To Talk on your smartphone!

Ever see people using the Push To Talk feature on their Nextel phone and wish you could do it with your iPhone or Android phone? Well now you can!

TiKL is a free app available for both types of phone that allows you to instantly talk to one or more people at once with just the touch of a button. No more waiting for the phone to ring, and no setup is needed. All you need is the person in your phone contacts or among your Facebook friends.

Fast and simple, TiKL also works on the iPad and iPod Touch and turns your device into the ultimate Push To Talk real-time Walkie Talkie.

Check it out at your app store today!


Chipotle App

Craving a taco and burrito and love Chipotle, but don't have a lot of time? Then check out Chipotle's iPhone app, which makes the ordering and pickup process a breeze. The app finds the closest Chipotle store and allows you to customize your order right down to the fillings, sides and beverages. You can even include special instructions before you check out. You can pay by credit card through the app, as well as save your card and favorite order information. Then stop in the store and pick it up, without having to wait in line! The app is free and available in the iTunes App Store.


Appolicious and Chomp

Are you as app crazy as the rest of us? Finding the right apps for your smartphone or iPad can be a tricky business, but now, there are apps to help you pick your apps! Appolicious makes recommendations based on the apps you already have and love, and also allows you to share them with your friends. Chomp is an app discovery engine that finds apps through a combination of app search and personalized recommendations. Both Appolicious and Chomp are free, so check them out today!



Turn your smartphone into a potentially life-saving device with the iStethoscope app. iStethoscope allows you to listen to your heartbeat and see your heart waveform on your phone. The professional version (costing $.99) even includes the ability to see and email a spectrogram of the audio. The app was developed in collaboration with cardiologist researchers and has been used by cardiologists for research on heart disease.



Hey ladies, have you ever had problems fitting your bra? Do you have embarrassing sessions with salespeople trying to find the right size? Studies have shown that 80 percent of all women wear the wrong bra size, and a new iPhone app is designed to increase awareness and fix this issue. Fits uses your phone's camera to help find your optimal bra size, and don't worry, you can do it with your clothes ON. Search "Fits" and Download it at the iPhone app store for $.99.



Finding parking can be tough on the streets of New York City, and with alternate side parking rules, ticket expenses can add up if you forget to move. So if you can't remember where you parked or when you need to move your car, the SpotSwitch app will help you out. SpotSwitch is designed to help you find open parking spots, using other members to show you when spots are about to open up. It also uses the phone's GPS to mark where you car is located, and the application will send you alerts when it's time to move. You can download SpotSwitch for free at the iPhone app store.



Back-to-school time is in high gear, and there's an app out there for the fashion-obsessed. TouchCloset allows you to take your entire wardrobe with you every time you head out. Whether showing your items off to your friends or deciding if that accessory you want to buy goes with your favorite outfit, you'll have a complete and categorized inventory of your entire wardrobe. Just snap a photo and save the information, and you'll be able to pick out an outfit anytime you want! TouchCloset is available in the app store for $.99.