Welcome to the WABC's "Coming Up Roses: The Bachelorette" blog. This blog is written by a loyal viewer of "The Bachelor" and "The Bachelorette" who has been a fan since season 1. This season we'll watch Ali Fedotowsky search for true love, and talk about the guys she keeps and dumps each episode. I look forward to hearing all of your opinions and "dishing" about Ali's picks!


Full Transcript of Interview with Tim McCormack from 'The Bachelorette'

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Bachelor Pad: Different link to visit

Hi!  I'm so happy to see that people are checking this page for updates, but there is a different link for bachelor pad.  This one will stay active and when the next bachelorette starts, I'll do the updates in here when that time comes.  Until then, please visit http://wabc.typepad.com/bachelorpadblog/ for all of your "Bachelor Pad" updates!  Thanks!


My NEW Video Interview with Ali & Roberto!

I am so incredibly excited to bring you this!  I had the opportunity to interview Ali and Roberto in person today! 


They had just finished doing a great job on "LIVE! with Regis and Kelly".  I and our talented videographer, Frank, went inside the dressing room and got to chat with the happy couple for a few minutes.  Without further ado here's the interview!

Hope you enjoyed watching it as much as I enjoyed talking with the two of them!  They are so in love they burst into song!  You'll also be happy to know, Ali and Roberto are both just as nice off camera as they are on camera.  I hope to bring you many more exciting things with the upcoming season of "Bachelor Pad" so stay tuned.

Hugs, Kisses & Roses,

Jennifer Matarese


Conference call transcript with Ali, Roberto & Chris

As promised here is the full transcript from the conference call with Ali, Roberto and Chris!


Question:   So, Ali, your whole concern going into the show was, how would you know if they're really going to love you back,  so, what made you take the leap of faith, I'd say, that he would propose?

Ali Fedotowsky: You know, that was definitely a fear of mine, but, my relationship with the Roberto is so strong, that I felt, I had faith, that if I took that risk and he's the only man I brought to the end.  I have faith that he feels the same way about me and you always have a fear, but I think what's so great about me, sort of overcoming that fear, is I overcame it in the best possible way.  I didn’t have two guys at the end, I just had that one.  So, I feel really good.

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Ali & Roberto talk about their new lives together

I took part in a conference call today with Ali, Roberto and Chris!  First, let me say Ali and Roberto are genuinely happy together and in love!  They are so adorable!  I really, really hope those two make it to the alter.  For those of you who were wondering, Ali's ring is 3.3 carats!  Wow.  It's also worth a whopping $50,000.  Very nice.  Roberto chose well. 

Also, Ali was wearing a gown by designer Alberto Makali, and Roberto was dressed by Hugo Boss.  You can view a slideshow of the proposal by clicking the photo below!


Now to the call.  It began with Ali and Roberto, and they were on the phone together.  Roberto said that he knew he was going to propose when Ali said that he was the only guy there.  He knew that she felt certain about him, so that added to his certainty about her.  Looks like letting Chris go early was a very good decision on her part.  Ali was asked when she knew that Roberto was the one.  She said, " I knew for sure with 100% certainty during our last date together, when we were in the rain and everything was so perfect." Aww, how sweet!

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Ali & Roberto are ENGAGED!

It's official!  Ali and Roberto are engaged and together!  Thank goodness, the spoilers were wrong!  Wow, some people who will remain nameless were ill informed!


I have some exciting news.  Today, I'll be taking part in a conference call with Chris, Ali, and Roberto!  I will bring you the highlights of that later in the day, with the full transcript of the conversation to follow later.


Also, thank you to all who participated in the live chat last night!  It went great!  You can read the whole transcript right here.  It was so fun to chat with all of you about the show, and watch it with people who are genuinely interested.  It was a blast!  I hope we can do it again for "The Bachelor" and maybe even the "Bachelor Pad" finale"!


Ok, let's get to the show.  We begin with Roberto meeting Ali's parents in Bora Bora.  If you can't make a good impression there, you can't make it anywhere.  Roberto charms the pants off of Ali's mom by telling her how much he loves Ali.


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Come Chat during the finale!

We have a live chat going on right now!  Click this link to get started and join in the fun!  We're talking about all things Ali!



5 preview clips of "The Bachelorette" Finale!

I have 5 clips of the finale to share with you!!!  I was beyond excited when I saw there were FIVE snippets from the show. I can't believe that it's almost time to find out who Ali picks...or doesn't pick. 

Clip #1

Roberto and Ali teach her parents how to salsa dance, how cute!

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Sneak peek photos of Ali from the Finale!

Here are some GORGEOUS snapshots of Ali from the finale!  The photos show her getting ready and walking out to the rose podium.


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Gossip about Ali, and a Special Announcement!

First, there is some very juicy gossip going on about Ali!  I personally, hope it's not true.  A few gossip sites are saying that Ali was spotted chatting it up with Arizona Cardinals QB Matt Leinart!

Matt leinart

He is a cutie!  I really, really, want Ali to end up with Roberto or Chris...but in the off chance that she doesn't, he's not bad.  I think I could be happy for her if she ends up with Leinart. Star Magazine reports that they met at a party and exchanged phone numbers!  Maybe they're just friends? Yeah, right!

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