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Team Leader
Amy Freeze
Amy began running at age 8 with her father, and ran cross country and track growing up in Indiana. This will be her 7th marathon. Her first was in the snow.

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Technical Coach
Jay Holder
Jay has been running since he realized he was the least-coordinated person on the planet and couldn't possibly play a sport that involved a stick or a ball. He has run 5 marathons with a PR of 2:40:28, finishing in the top 100 of the 2012 Boston Marathon. He is proudest of his 2012 NYC Half-Marathon PR of 1:11:19.

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Teamabc7 Many members of the Eyewitness News Team have completed the NYC Marathon over the years - look for their stories and memorable accounts here on the blog. Meteorologist Amy Freeze and Eyewitness News Producer Jay Holder will lead our blog coverage, but we invite you to post comments, send in ideas and share your own marathon stories. Good luck in your 2012 ING NYC Marathon!  


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Raised to Run: Chris Meadows

Last year, my marathon training partner was Curt Nuncio. You can read what I wrote about him last year before our race. READ about CURT HERE
There are those that will be missed on the course during this year's race for many reasons.  Curt is one of them. Curt passed away suddenly in March.  These are some thoughts from his sister. 
Curt Nuncio and Chris Meadows

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Raised to Run: Swag Hartel

By Amy Freeze

I first started running with my dad - who was a “middle of the packer” but that didn’t keep him for admiring the guys that won the races. My Dad made sure that I learned how to run from the very best.  While "learning to run" might seem like a funny statement.  There are tricks of the trade - and learning them from other runners is an ongoing eneavor for me.  The summer after my first Mini Marathon I attended a running camp put on by the legendary Swag Hartel. I joined other preteens learning form, how to run sprints, drinking just enough water before races and how to chose the right shoes. I still think about the simple, basic tips Swag taught me during that camp that I use today:

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Raised to Run: Josh Cox

COXJosh Cox, the 50k American Record Holder (31 miles), is a 4-time US Olympic Marathon Trials Qualifier and 3-time US National Team member. In 2009 and 2011 his 50k was the fastest in the world, the latter effort was the second fastest in history, and missed the world record by a scant 7 seconds. Cox starred on ABC’s Bachelorette show and currently offers his professional perspective for NBC Universal’s marathon broadcasts. You can get tips, giveaways and be inspired by following him on Twitter and Facebook

Josh Cox is one fast, cool runner. I remember the first time I met him.  He came to visit the TV studios before the Chicago Marathon.  We talked about his high altitude training in Mammoth Lakes, CA and how he would take "natural ice baths" in the freezing cold waters of local creeks after runs.  Josh is easy to talk to about running and he's a curious guy who was interested in the weather.  I thought I'd give him a challenge in front of the green screen - but then again, is there anything a quick guy like him can't do?!  (See photo at the end of this artile of Josh in front of the weather wall!)  As you might imagine, he was a natural and has gone on to have some assignments of his own calling races on TV Broadcasts!  Since then, I've seen Josh race, met his beautiful family and shared time with him at the expo talking to other runners about race preparation.  His life on the run is motivational to me in more ways than one! For this year's TEAMABC7 blog Josh took time to answer some of my questions about his current career and shared insight on how he was "Raised to Run."  

AMY FREEZE:  JoshcoxandamyWhy do you run?

JOSH COX:  My first  response is to maximize the gifts entrusted to me, to discover what I can get out of the machine, to push limits. But in reality, running is so much more than that... it’s my outlet, my alone time, my thinking time, my praying time, my creative time, my time away from the calls, social networks and the busyness of life. Running has always served as my daily reset button – my therapist. It’s an easy thing to take for granted but dealing with an injury this year has brought it all back to why I first fell in love with running in high school… I love it for the act itself.

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