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Team Leader
Amy Freeze
Amy began running at age 8 with her father, and ran cross country and track growing up in Indiana. This will be her 7th marathon. Her first was in the snow.

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Technical Coach
Jay Holder
Jay has been running since he realized he was the least-coordinated person on the planet and couldn't possibly play a sport that involved a stick or a ball. He has run 5 marathons with a PR of 2:40:28, finishing in the top 100 of the 2012 Boston Marathon. He is proudest of his 2012 NYC Half-Marathon PR of 1:11:19.

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Teamabc7 Many members of the Eyewitness News Team have completed the NYC Marathon over the years - look for their stories and memorable accounts here on the blog. Meteorologist Amy Freeze and Eyewitness News Producer Jay Holder will lead our blog coverage, but we invite you to post comments, send in ideas and share your own marathon stories. Good luck in your 2012 ING NYC Marathon!  


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Raised to Run: Bart Yasso

I love Bart Yasso.  He's a great human being.  I "met" him as a reader of Runners World.  I first saw him in person at a Running Expo in Philadelphia where he was so popular - you had to wait in line to say "Hi!"   Then I was lucky enough to interview him for TV segments. When I invited him to be on our MEDIA RELAY TEAM - he agreed, showed up, and was the life of the party.  If you don't know Bart, your running experience is not complete. Consider this your introduction.  Meet Bart Yasso...

"Running isn’t about how far you go but how far you’ve come"

“The reward is living the lifestyle and embracing the journey.  It’s not only about finishing, it’s about moving forward."

Tips from Bart Yasso on Race Preparations

  • Try to get to bed early Friday. If you’re unable to sleep well Saturday night, don’t worry about it. You might even be less groggy if you’ve been awake for hours before start of a marathon.
  •  Eat several smaller meals throughout the day on Saturday. Leave a banana or energy bar out the night before the race. If you do wake up at 3 a.m., take a bite and go back to sleep.
  • When you get to the starting line, take a minute to think how fortunate you are to be able to run a marathon, both physically and culturally.

BartYAssoAMY FREEZE:  Bart!  You are the undisputed King of Road Racing?  Everyone loves you and knows you on the racing circuit. How did u start running?

BART YASSO:  When I started running I started dreaming about what I wanted most out of life. I knew I wanted to travel around the world, experience exotic locations and different cultures. Did you run in High School? I didn’t run in high school. I played lots other sports in my younger years but I made a critical error and chose the path of alcohol and drugs. I was very lucky to gravitate towards in 1977 which could have saved my life.

AMY FREEZE:  You travel so muh and are always on the go! What are your current current running habits

BART YASSO:  I have running goals but none of them are related to racing. My goals are to motivate and engage people that never thought they would be a runner.

AMY FREEZE:  I'm convinced you have run every race on the planet... what's your most favorite of all your favorites?!?

BART YASSO: Comrades ultra marathon in South Africa. The oldest and largest ultra marathon in the world.

AMY FREEZE:  You'v faced your own adversity in life... how have the health challenges affected your training and running?  And what advice do you have for those who must overcome challenges?

BART YASSO: I contracted Lyme disease twice, in 1990 and again in 1997. Running never helped my Lyme disease. Living with chronic Lyme is very painful. Doctors compare the symptoms to rheumatoid arthritis. My legs swell I limp around the office most days. I am still trying to figure out how to be a runner dealing with Lyme disease.

AMY FREEZE:  It might seem like a silly question but when you meet non runners they might sk you 'Why do you run?'

BART YASSO:  I know I feel more like myself when I run, even if it’s only a few miles, or at least I feel like the self I like best.

BART's Website HERE





Chasing Amy: Losing a Training Partner

I ran in the rain and cold with a stranger this morning. He was wearing last year's marathon shirt. We did not talk. I Enjoyed him simply as a #Windbreaker and then Suffered through his #Backsplash over puddles.  I did also sprint to beat him at the finish (my finish, he kept running.) We never spoke. I think he might have been ignoring me. But an 8 mile run at 5:30AM can be lonely... especially if you are missing your training partner... so I wrote about mine today.  

One Year Ago I wrote this blog about my training partner Curt Nuncio.  I met him in 1998 when we worked at the same TV Station in Denver.  I ran my first marathon with him in Colorado, we ran the Chicago Marathon together, and after several years of living in different states we reunited and ran the New York City Marathon in 2011.   Maybe because I was searching for something familar in my first year here in NYC - I had really appreciated Curt's friendship.  I told him several times during our training, when he was still alive.   WHO GETS YOU TO THE START 

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Chasing Amy: My First Marathon


My 1st Marathon was in the Snow

 After I had my first baby I was struggling to get back into shape!  I finally found a program that worked for me called Body for Life by Bill Phillips.  I made a amazing physical transformation losing 60lbs (see before and after pics on the link above!) and cutting my body fat in half!  But there was more to it... I also had a huge mental transformation, I believed if I could change my body that I could do anything I set my mind to do!  That's when I decided to run my first marathon.  Since that time I have run 6 more.  

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Chasing Amy: Long Runs



TIPS TO RUN ACROSS THE GEORGE WASHINGTON BRIDGE (this bridge is NOT a part of the marathon course!) *Details on the Little Red Lighthouse are at the bottom of this blog. I've included some details about my own long run training. But first, here are the details for running across the GWB from Manhattan to NJ which I did this week for the first time ever!


-You can take the #1 train and get pretty close to the GWB or run there from your spot as part of a long run!

-South Footpath is open this time of year, follow the signs. 


-Prepare for winds, light jacket is good if it's below 60 degrees.  There is a lot of traffic so it's noisy!  Don't wear headphones for your safety!

-Once you get across, got North two blocks, across from the EconoLodge there are a set of stairs that go up to the trails that lead down to the Hudson River... it's heavily wooded and trail running for about 1/2 mile to 2 miles depending on what you choose.  It's a great time of year to do this run and the colors and lookout spots are GREAT!!!  I did this just by following the signs and found it fine.

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Chasing Amy: Running in Rain

Never skip running in the rain because you don’t know what the weather is going to do on marathon day!  The last time it rained for the NYC Marathon was 1997.  Early November can bring any sort of weather extreme for this area!  Hot, Cold, Wet, Snow, Stormy... and yes DRY!  But the secret is to be ready no matter what the weather.

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Battling the Elements for 26.2 Miles in the ING NYC Marathon

 Climatology of NYC Marathon Weather:  Average maximum: 62ºF/17ºC  Average low: 47ºF/8ºC

In 2011... it snowed one week before the NYC Marathon...  just 2.9" in Central Park but more than a foot in the Northern Suburbs.  Run a marathon with snow on the ground?   I’ve done that before…  it was 1999 Denver, Colorado and I ran my first marathon in the snow (for the record, we finished the run in temperatures near 50 and full sun.  


Amy in Purple


That is "Denver Weather" at it’s Best.) Keep in mind there's nothing wrong wishing for pleasant weather but the conditions also gives you a chance to battle the elements... if this were to turn out to be the hottest, wettest, coldest marathon in NYC marathon history -- just think of the bragging rights!  Just ask someone who has run the race, they may not remember every mile of the course but they remember what the weather was like when they ran 26.2 miles!!  My co-workers who have run the race have great recollections of the extrmes they've endured (Diane Williams - 2010's Chilly Race and Bill Evan making it through cold, torrential downpours in 1995... whatver the weather - it becomes part of your race memory!)



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