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Trash or Treasure?

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. An MTA station cleaner has been collecting discarded MetroCards for years, but now it may cost him his job. Tune in tonight at 5 pm to 7 On Your Side to hear his story and tell us if you think he should have been arrested.



I think that the mta is corrupt how can you suspend an hard worker that has been working for your company for 23 years this is absoultly riduclous a clean record ok he was collecting metro cards everyone has a hobby then the whole keys situation i have my work keys and where i work says nothing about it lets say its an emergency in his case he can save someones life with those keys i think the mta is shady with how they handle things another thing i think the uniform situation if he had his uniform on or not he has an id and if he showed it then he should have not been arressted i hope all goes well and Trevor gets his job back.


give this man his job back!!!

Dario Gonzalez

He should not have been arrested. And he definitely should not lose his job. Whatever happened to warnings and reprimands and suspensions? If he was in uniform then he must've had his MTA ID. Couldn't the cops call a supervisor? What a big to do over nothing!


The most this individual deserves, (if anything at all) is a reprimand for being out of uniform and non-job related behavior, if that is the case. And if he was on his own time going about discreetly, then they should leave him alone. People collect all kind of things out of the MTA trash. This is not worth him losing his job of 23 years.

Perhaps the transit officer was right to be suspicious at first. But, is this any worse than someone looking through the MTA trash for cans so they can collect the five cent deposit? And if he had keys on him from his job, so what? Most people keep their work and access keys on them all the time.

Actually, I like his collection of old Metro cards and wouldn't mind hearing how he got started doing this and seeing his whole collection one day. The MTA doesn't need to make up something to discipline this individual. He is a good employee who has lasted a long time and has been cited by MTA several times for his honesty. Enough already!!


I think it is terrrible what has happen to this man. Especially in this time of economical stress, to get fired for a hobbie he has had for years. I am sure all his coworkers can testify to the moral person he is. Granted I don't know him but feel really sad for his situation.

I am also sure that there have probably been many terrible cases to which if MTA wants to make it a point at or teach a lesson to the employees, like the ones that have attitudes when one request a ,Metrocard, they can.

Unfortunately, the bigger picture to look at here is he has been working for MTA for 23 years, its easier to get rid of him at this point in time then to wait until jobcuts come and have to pay him a package.

I sure hope that MTA could be a litlle more humanlike, with this man and have a different method of appreciating the job that he has done for 23 years. To clean the trains stations full of garbage, homeless, and rats. He deserves a medal rather then fire him for taking disposed metro expired or empty cards.

Kennie morales

He should have been questioned and upon verification of employment been let go and then disciplined using due process according departmental rules and regulations. He should not have been arrested.


I'm absolutely appalled at this story. The poor man should DEFINITELY get his job back! As a matter of fact, he shouldn't have been terminated to begin with. He committed no harm, therefore there should be no foul. He is just a hard-working individual who was collecting 'junk' that no one else will use. The situation is ridiculous and unfortunate. The police have obviously misunderstood the intentions of this individual.


I think this whole situation was mishandled. I think he should be allowed to go back to work and that MTA should give him another chance and especially since he has a great work record and has been with MTA for over 23 years.

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