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August 2010


Min Con: A Con Man?

For the past year, 7 On Your Side’s been on the look out for a confounding contractor from Queens. According to a handful of his customers, he’s taken hundreds of thousands of dollars, yet done little or no work. He’s known by a number of aliases; Wayne Drinkwine, or Wayne Thomas, or now, W.T. Duke Benevino (Italian for "good wine"). But any way you say or spell it, his customers all say he’s broken promises, and left them penniless and, sometimes, homeless. Now, he’s been ordered to pay back big bucks in restitution by New York’s Department of Consumer Affairs. But finally after a year-long search Nina Pineda comes face to face with the elusive contractor, tonight at 5pm.


Upstate Inn Upset.

Sometimes doing the right thing can be the wrong thing. When the owner of a small inn in historic Hyde Park was looking to renovate her kitchen, she decided to give her money to a small local business instead of a bigger company. Months later, she was out almost $10,000 – and still without a kitchen. But when she couldn’t get answers from the man who took her money, she called 7 On Your Side for help. Tune in tomorrow night at 11 pm to see what happens when we checked in.

Get ready to get back to school!

It’s that time of year again! Summer is almost over, and parents across the country are breaking out their wallets and stocking up on school supplies. But many are concerned about the rising costs and are going out of their way to find quality deals. We took a second-grade supply list to several stores to find you the best supplies at the best prices Tune in tomorrow morning to Eyewitness News between 5 and 7 am for tips on how to get ready to send your kids back to school.


Bye Bye Birdie

What happens when a salesman runs off with a customer's deposit? Who's responsible, the store or the customer? One's man's hard earned cash was stolen by his car salesman, but when the dealership wasn't refunding his money, 7 On Your Side stepped in. Tune in at 5pm to see what happens.


What a Pain!

When a volunteer firefighter and 911 operator couldn’t take the pain in her belly any longer, she finally had the surgery she was putting off, a hysterectomy. But when the insurance company denied payment for a surgeon called in while she was unconscious, she called 7 On Your Side. Tune in tonight when we let you know what happens when you get billed for an out of network doctor you couldn’t approve in an emergency.  


State of Confusion

When two states squabbled over who was supposed to pay unemployment to a Brick Township family, 7 On Your Side was called in to get to the bottom of it. Tonight on 7 On Your Side we take a look at this state of confusion which almost drove a hard working family to the brink of financial ruin.

It's good to be back after 10 weeks of maternity leave.  I missed hearing from the viewers and solving problems in our community.  Already this week we have plenty of stories, scams, frauds and swindles that 7 On Your Side is sinking its teeth into. So keep sending in your stories and be sure to tune in tonight!