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Soaking Rain For Tomorrow Night

While we have a significant rain event on the way for late tomorrow into tomorrow night, there may be some interesting weather tonight in parts of the area.  There is a lead shortwave that'll pass through during the pre-dawn hours, and this can spread in a bit of light rain or perhaps a light mix into the area very late tonight into early tomorrow morning.  The reason that I mention a mix is that temperatures will fall into the 30s overnight, and even just below freezing in some of the suburbs.  So don't be completely shocked if you wake up to a couple of raindrops (or even ice pellets or snowflakes N&W)! 

We'll probably have a break when it's just cloudy and not precipitating during the midday hours tomorrow.  Steadier rain will develop though, primarily late in the afternoon.  Temperatures will probably stay in the lower 40s during the day, and we won't get our official high until tomorrow night.  That's the when the rain will really start coming down.  The models have trended wetter, and there is a high likelihood of a half inch to an inch of rain tomorrow night into Friday morning.  While no widespread flooding issues are anticipated, some areas could exceed an inch of rain from this system.  Lifted indices (instability) would indicate that thunder is not out of the realm of possibility during some of the downpours! 

Rain will come to an end at some point Friday morning, and it may take until noon for the rain to wrap up on eastern Long Island.  The breeze will pick up a bit and there will be a few breaks of sunshine by late in the day.  Typically, temperatures would fall behind a system in late January.  That is not the case on Friday!  Guidance is suggesting that highs will reach the lower and middle 50s.

The weekend is looking pretty quiet at this point.  There were earlier worries about a wave of low pressure just missing us to the south late Saturday.  That system now looks like it'll be even farther south and weaker, so Saturday would just feature some clouds and sun, along with continued mild temperatures in the upper 40s.  A colder air mass will be moving east from the Great Lakes, but it probably won't get here until Sunday night, along with a flurry or two. 

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converse all star

Mult timp nu văd nici un astfel de articol bun, şi, în special, vă mulţumesc pentru a împărtăşi, să ne sarbatoare pentru ochi, şi să ne spui de mai multe cunoştinţe.


Why is last weeks weather video (Tues to Mon) being posted on 7online.com when today is Sunday at 11:17 PM? Can't ABC News post the weather video for Sunday to Saturday (7/29-8/4)? Can you post the date on the video from the start of the video, so I don't have to watch the entire video to find out it's an old video that's posted again? You guys are pretty good about posting the latest video during the weekdays, but the weekend videos usually are old ones? Let me know if you're hiring, I think I can help upload the latest weather video if you guys need help. Thanks


Hi Jeff,

Thank you for adding the DATE to the video and the time at the beginning of the weather video. I really appreciate it. Now I don't have to watch the entire video if the wrong one is posted.
You and the entire weather team are doing a great job. I love watching the news online (at home or at work) between 4PM-6:30PM. I think 7online is the only news channel that broadcasts the news live. I'm so glad ABC News NY (7online) is up to date with technology.

Now I wish ABC would broadcast the World News live also.

Enjoy the rest of the summer,

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