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Eyewitness News in London for the Royal Wedding

So after months of planning, we are finally here in London for the Royal Wedding.  This assignment is special on its own but for me, it's like reuniting with an old friend.


This picture shows Kemberly Richardson, Angelo Martin, and Tara Zimmerman in London representing EWN.


For the past dozen of so years, I have been traveling to London on a regular basis. My sister, Alison and her husband Shawn lived here in central London, until this past November. They are now back in the states. While here in London, they had two children, my 5 year old nephew Dylan and 11 month old niece Sloane. In the past, my one goal, once landed at Heathrow, was to rush through immigration and get to my sisters home so that I would be there in time to pick Dylan up from school.


So as you can imagine, arriving here late Saturday night was a bit strange, there would be no lunch "date" with Dylan on Portabello Road. However, what there was, was an exciting journey ahead covering the Royal Wedding. Now on my own in the city, I would soon get to know another side of this dear friend. London is the kind of place that once you come, you will always return. The history, architecture, sense of tradition make it one of my favorite places in the world. And with the upcoming nuptials, well everything is shiny as a penny. A stroll through Saint James Park was breathtaking, the gardens are picture perfect and there is a quiet sense of anticipation in the air, kind of like Christmas Eve, when everyone has gone to sleep, knowing sunrise will bring something remarkable.


So far the weather has been perfect, sunny and warm, making the whole experience that more outstanding. As we, anchor Liz Cho, photographer Angelo Martin and Bryan White and producer Tara Zimmerman, set out each day looking for interesting stories to tell you, we have no doubt we will return at the end of the day with something special.


London is putting on its best face for the upcoming nuptials. The streets are full of, mostly tourists but even the locals can't hide their excitement about what's about to happen. Whether or not you are a fan of "this kind of thing" there is no denying it is part of history and we are fortunate enough to have a front row seat.


We are determined to bring you the best, most festive and memorable snaps shots of my “dear friend”…someone you will also one day call a buddy.


-Kemberly Richardson


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