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Greetings Again from LA

Hello Eyewitness News fans,

One year ago, I wrote my first blog entry from Los Angeles, as I was field producing Eyewitness News’ Academy Awards coverage with Sandy Kenyon.

It was an exhilarating assignment for me, not only because I was on the red carpet in Hollywood, but because it was such an extreme change of pace.

I normally produce the 6:00 AM on Channel 7.

I have access to a world of information from my desk – but it also means that I am, well, at my desk.

Covering the Oscars meant I got to stretch my legs, literally, outside, as I booked satellite windows, set up interviews, and oversaw Sandy Kenyon’s live shots.

It was a total blast and one of the highlights of my career.

 Now, I have the extreme fortune to have the assignment again, and I am most grateful.

Already Sandy, photographer extraordinaire Mike Thorne and I are off to a flying start.


This morning we were set to interview Academy President Tom Sherak and the producers of the Oscars telecast.

But some news here in LA threw us for a little loop.

See, Ms. Lindsay Lohan had a court hearing… and the judge wasn’t too happy with her.

In fact, he told her today "I don't care that you're Lindsay Lohan."

And he told her that no matter what, she was going to serve jail time.


Well, we got the call from our bosses in New York: Sandy now needs to front a new piece, not Oscar-related, on Lindsay Lohan.

Suddenly, we had twice as much to do with the clock ticking… and since there is a discrepancy between New York time and LA time, we essentially had 3 hours less to complete everything.

That sent us off to the races.


As we were waiting for Mr. Sherak to meet us for the interview, Sandy was writing his piece on Lindsay Lohan, using information he and I were able to grab on our Blackberries and smart phones from the wires, online newspapers, and other sites.

Our assignment desk back in NYC was also a huge help (thank you Mark Crudele).

As Sandy was interviewing Mr. Sherak, I was setting up new satellite windows for the added live shot and trying to pinpoint video sources for the writer who would be assembling the piece in NYC that Sandy was writing in LA.

Tick, tick, tick…


With the Academy President interview over, and the telecast producer unable to break away at the time, we raced back to our hotel rooms, where Sandy finished writing his Lohan piece, and Mike and I sent the material we had shot earlier that morning to NYC (FTP is a wonder). At some point, we wolfed down lunch (or is it breakfast? My body still doesn’t really know).


Then it was time to head out to the red carpet for our live shots for the 5:00 PM show (2:00 PM PST).

Already, the red carpet is coming alive. And as Sandy said to Diana Williams and Sade Baderinwa, it is a working construction zone. Several times we almost got hit by golf carts carrying huge golden Oscar statues.

And we still are not done. Right now Mike and I (but really Mike is doing all the heavy lifting) are putting together a piece that will air tomorrow on the remarkable back story of the writers of “the King’s Speech”.

Trust me, it’s a great story!


I can’t wait for Day 2!


One last note:

Last year, when I arrived in LA for my first Academy Awards, my wife Aransas called me with the wonderful news that she was expecting our second child.

Derby was born in November and is now 4 months old, joining her older sister Savannah, now 2 ½.

To my beautiful girls: I miss you so, and I will see you son,

Lights, cameras, and lots of action,



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