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Return to Haiti

The plane takes off from Kennedy airport as the New York skyline slowly disappears on the horizon. I really love that skyline...it's become the place where I sleep, home of the people I love, bars where I spend my paycheck.  

Marcus & I are headed back to Haiti. A chance to see how this poor island nation has fared after one of the worst natural disasters in this hemisphere.   Neither Marcus nor I know what to expect. We have no hotel reservations, no driver, no clue what lies at the end of this flight. All we have are memories of what things were like when we left almost 6 months ago.  

The pilot announces the descent into Port Au Prince. The last meal of Burger King breakfast still gurgling in my stomach...it's about time to face the next 8 days. I didn't want to look out the window, just enjoying the last moments before the plane door opened & the island heat washed over us.  

The terminal had found its normal chaotic way of uniformed men & women herding the passengers into roped pens guiding us through a series of mazes towards other uniforms. Stamping passports, questioning foreign visitors, the masses surging for the bags all adding to the atmosphere.  

Now we're sitting in a bar at a hotel...we have a room (or should I say a safe place to rest at night), a full stomach, & a plan to cover the continuing story of the Haitian life after the quake.

Michael Thorne, Eyewitness News Photographer


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