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Kenyon is Kool

Day #4

Saturday March 6, 2010


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I’ve said it (and wrote it) before and I’ll say it again:

Watching Sandy Kenyon at the Oscars is a sincere joy.

He gets such a thrill from everything Oscar – from the build-up of the Red Carpet, to greeting head honchos – from reminiscing with old friends and colleagues, to making new acquaintances and dispensing advice to newbies – from the thrill of walking into the Kodak Theater to his warm-up act before a live shot.

Sandy savors each aspect of the Academy Awards.

And you know what?

It’s kool.

Not cool like James Dean or George Clooney.

Sandy is too energized by the electricity of the moment to be laid back.

But kool, with a k.

Because he owns this event.

He knows this town like the back of his hand.

And you can tell.

There isn’t a time when we are walking the red carpet that someone isn’t shouting out, “Hey Sandy!”.

He matches each salutation with a smile and a handshake.

Sandy is super prepared.

Each report on the Oscars that we have been running on Eyewitness News was thought up by Sandy weeks ago, anticipating relevant topics weeks before we left for LA.

And as a producer, I enjoy and admire his writing style.

There are so many times after reading a portion of his script that I think to myself:

“He summed up the essence of a story line in just one short sentence.”

He always has an engaging story about the Hollywood of yesteryear or past awards shows or an anecdote about his own storied career.

And the names!

He drops a lot of ‘em.

But isn’t done out of arrogance.

It’s because he actually met these cats.

Sandy understands what the Oscars and celebrity is all about, and he relishes this moment.

It is entertaining, enlightening, and inspiring to watch this professional at the top of his game, in his home court.

OK, enough gushing about Mr. Kenyon.

It’s now Sunday on the East Coast.

It’s show time.

-Andy Savas


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Anthony Mendez

Thank you for sharing your view on Sandy. His passion for everything-Hollywood shows every time he's on the air - TV or radio. 'Looking forward to tonight!

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