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Our first day

The end
of the first day was a blur of destruction, shooting pictures, & trying to
figure out where we were going to stay....I gotta tell you, the thought of
camping out in this tiny van with NJ, our driver & NOW our translator was
so unappealing to me. These guys seem alright but that's a little too much
'togetherness'. The problem was & is...port au prince is destroyed.
Buildings are imploded...layers of floors pancaked on top of one another,
separated by rubble, furniture, anything or anyone who might have been in
between when the quake hit. Streets filled with debris making the already
narrow roads impassable. I remember, and will always remember, the one thing I
DIDN'T notice...my camera was so focused on the immensity of the damage,
& my feet were kicking through the loose rubble...I didn't notice the
bodies surrounding me. Dead men, women, & children loosely wrapped in what
ever blankets or towels family members could find & left on the
sidewalk....their final resting place a dusty sidewalk on the spot of a place
once thought of as 'home'.  

The quiet drive through the city stopped at the CNN compound based at a local
hotel. A very nice woman took pity on us & gave out 3 rooms for 6 people.

Michael Thorne

Eyewitness News photographer



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