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Haiti Earthquake - January 12, 2010

By Eyewitness News photographer Mike Thorne

So the day starts like any other. Waiting to see what story lies in waiting. On this tuesday (my start of the work week), the day brings the lovely & talented stylings of Ms. Toni Yates. We are assigned to a shooting in Newark. It seems Newark police responded to a shooting but somehow over-looked a dead woman in a car. We get our piece live on the air for our 5 p.m. broadcast.

While we're all doing the post live shot 'good byes', the station is blowing up my nextel. It seems Haiti has suffered the worst earthquake in history. My job becomes getting into the city (anyone who has battled the Lincoln Tunnel inbound knows how hard that can be), getting to my apartment for my passport & making a 9 pm flight out of JFK. The stress meter was peaking for the entire ride. Of course, every turn brought traffic, traffic cops closing every street. The only thing missing was a random parade at 7 p.m. at night.

Thanks to some great driving by the courier, Artie and N.J. Burkett clearing the way at the airport, we made the flight.

The flight to the Dominican Republic had a little impromptu entertainment when a lady who had purchased a bottle in New York decided to finish it on the 4 hour flight...looks like the flight attendants had a rough start to their week.

So here it is 4 a.m.and I sit here waiting to hop in a convoy of cabs to a live location, then regroup to figure out how to get to the epicenter of the earthquake.

In the end I'm a little tired, a little grumpy, and hungry.

So all you facebook friends of NJ Burkett, send him a little love and hope we don't kill each other.


Reverend David Martin

As a Pastor of a church in the metropolitan New York area, I am deeply affected by the earthquake tragedy in Haiti. After watching several hours of direct coverage from Haiti by our major networks, I wonder if there is any way for the victims of the tragedy to use the same communicaton venues that produce news broadcasts to inform loved ones around the world of their personal conditions.


Yeah, were all deeply affected....I have no food in my refrigerator, had to stop my medical treatment and I am now unemployed. I almost want to move to Hati to get the free food and medical care our Government sent there, then I can sneak back to America and work off the books and send my money back to Hati where I will live cheaply

Do some real news for a change of Americans losing their homes, jobs and life

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I really enjoy the story. What a day! Too bad what happenned in Haiti.

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