Shopping in person or shopping online?

Do you prefer the help and satisfaction you get by shopping for items at a store or is it easier for you to just buy your products online with no hassle?  Black Friday shoppers were out in record numbers, and Cyber Monday is also off to a fast start.  Eyewitness News wants to know what you think.  Post your comments (below) and they could appear on Eyewitness News First at 4 p.m.


Should New York state expand gambling to boost the economy?

A new poll found that a majority of New York voters support creating casinos away from Indian Reservations as a way to boost the state's economy.   Governor Andrew Cuomo first raised the idea, and legislative leaders are now considering a constitutional amendment to allow non-Indian casinos in New York, a move that would require voter approval.    The Quinnipiac University poll found that sixty-four percent of voters said casinos would be good for the economy.   What do you think?  Should New York expand casino gambling?   How do you think it would help or hurt New York City and the state?   Please click on comment to share your thoughts, and we may use them here or on Eyewitness News First at 4:00 p.m.


Holiday shopping blues

A new forecast shows holiday sales will likely not be as high as last year and that shoppers won't be hitting the stores as much.    Of course, the uncertain economy and consumer confidence is driving this forecast.  So what about you?   Are you scaling back on spending compared to previous holidays?  Why or why not?  Tell us by clicking on comment and we may use what you write here or on