Well Wishes to Robin Roberts

Today was Robin Roberts' last day on GMA before she begins her treatment for a blood and bone marrow disease that will include a bone marrow transplant.  Send Robin your get well wishes!



Remembering Dick Clark

Entertainment legend Dick Clark died on Wednesday of a massive heart attack.  He was 82.    Clark helped bring rock 'n' roll into the mainstream on "American Bandstand."   He was long dubbed "the world's oldest teenager" because of his boyish appearance, Clark also was a successful businessman.


He hosted ABC's annual New Year's Rockin' Eve special and produced a variety of game shows and music specials for TV, including and the American Music Awards.

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Best Birthday Present



What’s the best birthday present you ever received and from who?  Yesterday Justin Bieber received a $100,000 car from his manager.  Eyewitness News wants to know what you think. Post your comments (below) and they could end up on Eyewitness News First at 4 p.m.


Remembering Whitney Houston

Whitney Houston, who ruled as pop music's queen until her majestic voice and regal image were ravaged by drug use, erratic behavior and a tumultuous marriage to singer Bobby Brown, died Saturday. She was 48.  Post your memories and thoughts about Whitney Houston by clicking on comment below.



Unique baby names

What do you think of unique celebrity baby names?  Beyonce and Jay-Z had a daughter of the weekend and named her Blue Ivy Carter.  Eyewitness News wants to know what you think.  Post your comments (below) and they could appear on Eyewitness News First at 4 p.m.


Arnold and Maria

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver reportedly spent the holidays together and he is trying to win her back.  Should Shriver take him back?  Post your comments below and they could appear on Eyewitness News First at 4 p.m.


Say Goodbye to Regis

Television legend Regis Philbin is leaving after 28 years.  What are your favorite Regis memories over the years?  What message do you have for the talk show king?  Post your comments (below) and they could appear on Eyewitness News.

Check out some of the special interviews our own Sandy Kenyon did with the "Live" folks before Regis' last show.






Would You Have Found Dr. Conrad Murray Guilty of Manslaughter?

Dr. Conrad Murray was found guilty of manslaughter in the case of Michael Jackson's death.  If you were on the jury, how would you have found Murray, guilty or not guilty and why?  Share your thoughts with us by clicking on COMMENT below.  Your comments may appear on Eyewitness News.

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How did Steve Jobs impact your life?

How did Steve Jobs impact your life?  The death of the Apple co-founder has been making headlines all over the world.  Eyewitness News wants to hear from you.  In what way to Jobs impact your life personally?  Post your comments (below) and they could appear on Eyewitness News.


Hank Williams Monday Night Football song pulled

ESPN pulled Hank Williams Jr.'s classic intro song from its broadcast of Monday night's NFL game after the country singer famous for the line "Are you ready for some football?" used an analogy to Adolf Hitler in discussing President Barack Obama.  Do you agree with ESPN’s decision based on what Williams said?