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Thoughts on tattoos?

What are your personal feelings on tattoos?  What would you tell your child if they asked for one?  Eyewitness News wants to know what you think.  Post your comments and they could appear in our newscasts.


Enrique Salazar

I personally have tattoos, some on most of my body. Not on my face but some visible things on my neck. I made ignorant choices when i was younger and i am glad that not everyone is stereotypical about people with tattoos. I run my own business with all my tattoos, usually under long sleeve but occassionaly visible. Some people stare but then they are amazaed that someone with my kind of tattoos is working so hard. Either way my sons are 17 and one asked me the other day if he could get a tattoo. I said no, because you are not even old enough to know what you want to do in life, so how can you know what you want on your body for the rest of your life. I explained he dont need to get a tattoo, to try and be cooler then he is. Tattoos dont make the man, the man makes the tattoos. At whatever age he asks again i will still make sure he realizes what he is doing before he gets any


I would tell my kids who are 12 and 13 years old sure you can get a tattoo so long that its temporary! Find them at a carnival!

Linda McClurkin

In NYS it is illegal for a person under the age of 18 to get a tattoo. This applies even if the parent wants to give their child permission to get one. It is preposterous to know that my child can obtain an abortion or birth control without my consent. Yet, I am not allowed to give my permission for the child to have a tattoo. Is this a democratic republic that we are in or what??? THIS IS NOT RESPONSIBLE GOV'T!


I don't have a problem with tattoos. The only thing I'd say if my child asked for one is that they can get one when they turn legal (is it 18 or 21?). I mean, I have 3 of them so I can't very well say no. However, I would tell them that what you think is special at 21 you might not think is so special at 41 or 61. So, to think very carefully about what you're going to get before permanently marking your body.

Michael Wiener

A few tattoos are okay, but a child should wait until they are 18 years old. They must think about how they will feel about having the tattoo for the rest of their life.

John Silvestry

The Rex Ryan tattoo says everything about his loyalty & bromance to Mark Sanchez. No wonder there was no love to Tim Tebow...

John Silvestry

I do not see anything wrong with men having tattoos. I got my first one at the age of 16, still looks better than most I have seen. I am 54 years old now. Women with tramp stamps turn me off. Too many woman nowadays with tattoos, Not so pretty.


As someone who has 3 tattoos, I can say that for me, they have been well thought out and mean something very personal. My tattoos are also in places that are visible, yet hidden (or can be hidden) when I am at work or in any professional setting. I tend to think that the younger generations don't give thought to the implications of their careers (if they are seeking one outside of an entertainment business)when they decide to ink their bodies (both where on the body and the kind of art they choose to get). I got my tattoos well into my 20's when I understood the implications and risks of getting one (or three). If my future children were to ask me for a tattoo I would first determine whether they were age appropriate and then have a conversation with them about what's involved and make sure that if they are at an age where they could get one without my permission that they are clear with the decision they are making and the potential impact it could have.

Joanne Nagoda

We told our kids if you are going to get one - just make sure it is someplace that is not easily visible. I don't care what anyone says, when you hit the "real" world - you still only have one chance to make a first impression. So don't come home with snakes and lizards and ink up and down your neck. It must have worked, our son has two - both related to his profession on each shoulder blade and our daughter has a small one on the inside of her wrist - all easily covered.

Jeremy Cadmus

Being a person with several tattoos, I'm obviously a fan, as long as they are tasteful and professionally done. I wouldn't allow my child to get one until they turned 18 though. And even then I'd encourage them to go somewhere that has a good reputation for doing quality work.


I always told my sons no to Tattoos.Then on my 45th Birthday I wanted to do something different. I got a Tattoo. After that my sons felt I could no longer tell them no. They got not one Tattoo but many.A couple that I didn't like but I accept their decisions.

Monique Connolly

I don't mind tattoos. I told both my boys that they should wait until they were 21 . So this way they are a little mature and they know what they want to get tattooed and not something stupid. I just don't like tattoos on the hands, necks or face. So they both went when they were 18 and got tattoos. I liked my younger son's tattoo and as far as my older son goes was not crazy about it. But they are old enough to get a tattoo and it is their body.


I think tattoos are meaningful because they become a part of who you are, I would not allow my child to get one, I don't think children can make those kind of decisions but if others parents allow it, then that's their business. I'm getting my first one for my birthday this summer, I'll be turning 45.


Tattoos are just art on the skin instead of on canvas.. some people prefer to tell a story on their skin while others prefer not too, either way they dont define who the person is. If my child wanted tattoos i would tell them they can have them IF they still want them, WHEN they turn 18..

Abby Satel

Currently battling my 19 year old son on this topic. He desperately wants a tattoo, and my husband and I tell him NO. It is a lifelong decision to permanently mark your body and he cannot get one while living in our house. He has tried to convince us with sentimental designs dedicated to his grandparents, but still we say no.

Bonnie Kaliko

A tattoo is often a very personal expression, however, care should be taken when deciding on the tattoo's location. I personally have a tattoo that can only be viewed when wearing a bathing suit. I think women should be more discreet than men, although a face tattoo is always unnecessary regardless of the gender.

Doribel Negron

I have a couple discreet and not extravagant tattoos.I was 21 when had my first one. Its my marriage date. As a mom of a 17 yr old female and a 8 yr old boy I cant be a hipocrit. I would advice pro&con and point out that SHOULD be something fairly discreet and not extravagant. And of course be 21+ yrs old.

Audrey Cannizzaro

I think Tattoo's are a work of art put on yourself to express your feelings. I do think you should be at least 18 before you get one.All my family members have one and i am proud of all them. My daughter has one on her shoulder which is very elaborate and I was glad she did not cover it on her wedding day.

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