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Flu Questions

What questions do you have about the flu?  Submit them now and they could be answered
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I would like to get my son vaccinated. He is 3 years old but every pharmacy I call or go to in Nassau County says they do not have the pediatric flu shot. Please tell us where we can go to have our children get the shot. We do not have insurance so the regular doctor is to expensive. Thanks.


My husband is a pharmacist in a big box store for over 15 years. He is overwhelmed with the amount of prescriptions he is filling recently as well as administering flu shots. Now the governor is telling pharmacist to vaccinate children? I feel he should set up flu shot clinics as the pharmacist is being pulled in too many directions. The focus should be on properly dispensing medicine. It ridiculous for the govenor to put that into effect without thinking it through. It's only a matter of time that we see mistakes made dispensing meds.


I have a 16 yr old who hasn't had the flu shot. He had a scheduled appointment to have the flu shot today but the pediatricians office canceled it because they ran out. Since 2pm today i''ve been calling pharmacies through out long island and Brooklyn and they tell me that they don't have flu shots for children in stock because they don't normally give it to children. So my question is with the state of emergency that was in placed today what is the government or the dept of health doing to supply these pharmacies with the adequate supply of flu shots for children? When can parents like myself expect them to have a supply?

Leslie Wolff

Can I get a flu shot after I recover from the Flu? or is it too late?

Leslie Wolff
Bay Ridge, Brooklyn

New to the Flu Shot

I am afraid of getting the flu shot because I have never gotten it before, however, with this epidemic hitting, I want to go get it. Will I get sick from the shot? Should I just keep doing what I've been doing and not get the shot? I heard this is the worst flu the country has seen in a decade!

Go away Flu!

I have young nieces and nephews that I would like to go and visit and recently got my flu shot. How long does it take for the shot to kick in?

Concerned Mom

How harmful is it to visit newborn babies without getting your flu shot? What are the risks you are taking? What could happen to the baby?

Lucinda Lewis

I had a flu shot this past August. Is that the same flu vaccine being dispensed right now?

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