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Father's Day Messages

What’s your message to your dad or husband on this Father’s Day?  How would you describe your dad in three words?  How will you make this Father’s Day special for your dad?  Post your comments and they could appear on Eyewitness News First at 4 p.m.





Mariela D Santos

Happy Father's Day Dad!!! Sorry for disappointing you on this very special day... But I just need you to know that YOU ARE THE BEST FATHER that any person can have, and that person is ME! I LOVE YOU SO SO MUCH DAD... Never forget that, PLS. Thank You for always being there for me!!! Te Quiero Mucho Pa' <3
Mariela S.

debra reece

To my dad that's been gone home for many year. You've missed seeing your grand-children and you've missed your great grand-children, but your always with me.


Happy Father's Day to my Dad in heaven. It's been 3 long years without you and 11 years without Mom but I know you're watching over me and that one day I'll join you. Will never forget all the memories and wish you were still here. Love, Patience

Deana Moyer

Happy Fathers Day in Heaven!! It will be 5 years since your gone Love you and Miss you Always.

Love your little girl


It will be a year this coming August when my Dad passed away. This will be the first Father's day to celebrate without him. Just writing this my tears starting to fall and my heart is tearing apart. This is my message for my Dad - Samuel Bascon Sr.

Dear Dad, Even though you're not here in body, you are definitely here in spirit. I wanna wish you a Happy Father's Day and tell you I love You! Miss you always. R.I.P Dad... With love always, ~ Pinky


Happy Father's Day Daddy!!!!!! I love you so much and I hope you enjoy your special day tomorrow... even though for a dad as great as you, every day should be a special day for you.


Dad. It's been a very long year and four months since I lost you. I want you to know that I hold you very dear in my heart. And wish everyday I was stronger for you! I miss you very much. But everything I see a beautiful cloud in the sky, I know it's you drawing me a sign to keep going. - your little girl. #loveyoualwaysdaddy


Happy Farther Day dad as u wacth over me in heave i just want to say i love u and will always miss


I lost my Dad in March 2004 and I miss him so much every day. I remember all the fun we shared and that he was always there for me no matter what. i wish him a very Happy Father's Day in heaven with my brother and mother who are with him.

Evelyn Peterson

Happy Fathers Day to you Daddy it's almost been two years since you been gone and I really miss you alot.. When Fathers Day comes around I get a little sad but at the same time I can cherrish the moments we had together Love you Dad....


Dad...you were the best father a daughter could ask for. I remember your laugh and hugs. Happy Father's Day in heaven. I love you.

Marc Ehrlich

This is the 7th Father's Day that I now celebrate without you.
Miss you so much. Miss your voice answering the phone. Miss the birthday cards signed Mom & Dad, but most of all I miss your love and guidance. RIP dearest dad, until the day comes when we will meet again. Love, your son Marc


Happy Fathers Day to the best dad ever ...... ALBERTO ZORRILLA
Hope you enjoy yourself on this special day
Love Shawn Zorrilla

miss theresa haase

in c/o david or liz i lost my day 2004 the second of febuary i remember doing alot things with him to just like my mom who passed away in febuary 2001 febuary 4th anyway we used to go to the park, all kinds of things, we went to play badmintin, i miss my dad to and my mom father's day we took my dad out for supper, he like going to church. anyway he was good natured he got sick open heart surgery he died home when i went to work, it was sad for me i miss him so much sometimes i cry and feel sad that my dad is gone to he was good to my mom to he made me laugh, made me cry he was ophan to he lived up st joeseph up in englewood in new jersey, he told me and my brother about the way he was treated to he had a hard life but he was strong to. he worked all of his life he was a good provider to, always wanted to get ahead in life he made furniture, and things to he was very handy to i gave him credit anyway he had a good sense of humor to that was my dad i hope where ever he is i hope he's up in heaven with my mom her sister's brother's in-law

Anthony Imperatrice

Happy Fathers Day Dad! You are the best in the world, thanks for being there for me, enjoy your new chain saw!

Timothy Ramcoobeer

Happy Fathers Day to the greatest dad in the world! Hope you have an amazing day! From Tim, Brandi and your loving wife Dorothy!

Bernadette Batta

15 years without my Dad is a long time but my memories of him will be with me forever. Love you Dad! xoxo Happy Father's Day!

Raquel Estrada Moschetto

My dad passed 19 years ago today is my birthday and I cried like I lost him yesterday he always made it so special for me..Miss himdearly and his Brthday is 16th..Love you daddy! Jesus Estrada


Katie Simpson

Happy First Father's Day to the best Daddy I could ever hope my daughter would have! Thank you for giving me the gift of being a mother! Arianna and I love you with all of our hearts! Happy Father's Day!!

Johanna Ringwood

Happy Father's Day to my Dad, Edward Ringwood, in Heaven! Love Ya!

colleen laino

Happy Father's day to my one & only dad! We just lost my mom so this one's going to be a tough one but we'll make it through! I wish you nothing but joy & happiness on this oh so special father's day!!!


Well this comment is from my 2yr old Gia to her father....Happy Fathers day daddy and btw....mommy told me to tell u ou little secret....baby #2 is on the way! congrats! we love u!

Artie Weber

To the Greatest Father, Friend and Fisherman. I am extremely proud to be your son and live to make you proud. Stop wishin'!Let's Go fishin'! Love ya POP! Artie Weber GO SKINS!

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