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Celebs and privacy

Do celebrities have the right to snap at photographers when out in public? A photographer claims Justin Bieber struck him after he snapped photos of him and his girlfriend at a Los Angeles shopping center.  Eyewitness News wants to know what you think.  Post your comments (below) and they could appear on Eyewitness News.





If anyone, photographer, professional, or not, invades someones space or privacy, over and over again, and the person has to make a point, I would say yes. This goes back to Princess Diana..look what happened there!

James Kelly

Photographers should give people respect and not bother people....would they like constantly being hounded by people taking pictures of every move you make.

Diane Ruston

All people have a right to privacy! He was not at an event he was out with his girlfriend they had no right to block his car. Someone is going to get hurt because of these photographers. If they followed me all the time I would go crazy. Even though they are celebrities they should out off time like any other job.

cristina PS36

You know even though im in fifth grade I still like my privacy.Justin is a human being he shouldent have like a million people topling him with questions and camras!!!
He should be treated like every one else!!!

j. kelly

I think photographers should stop and think....would they want someone always following them or their children around constantly taking pictures? Have some respect!!

Lisa Konrad

Nobody is in the right when they hit another human being. However, celebs have the right to live their lives freely. It's got to be annoying to constantly have people following you.


Photographers need to understand the privacy of all. I am sure that they use tactics to push people to an off state where the reaction is not so kind. While at the same time Celebrities should always keep their cool no matter what the situation is.


Is the criminal actions of a celebrity any less criminal because of their perceived status in our society? Issue a warrant, and put Justin Beiber through the same legal processes any John Doe would have to after assaulting another person.


If you are in a PUBLIC place, you become part of the PUBLIC! If Justin Beiber doesn't want his picture taken, then he should lock himself in a closet! The streets don't belong to Hollywood celebs!

Breck Kent

The paparazzi should be sued for harassment or stalking!


I think these guys go to far. Taking a pic is ok , but blocking and harassing is another. Why should celebs put up with it? If he wasn't famous, the photographer would not get a way with this.


I believe Justin had every right to push him away. I would feel the same way if someone followed me around like that. The papparazzi is too obsessive and they don't understand what privacy is.

Kyle Mazza

No Way! The celebrities should contain themselves and the photographers should too! I think that this is a reminder about our conduct

Nicole A.

yes they do have the right to snap at the photographers because like us nonfamous people they also need their privacy, they are humans too so what makes them any different!


Everyone gets upset, so its only natural to snap when you get annoyed. Photographers are too bold these days. They need to respect people's privacy, celebrity or not.


i think if the paperazzi want photos of the celebs they should at least ask them to pose for a picture. don't just snap away. that is called "invasion of privacy". so for arguments sake i think justin bieber was justified.

Kathy B

I think celebrities are used to the attention they get, but they are deserving of privacy. Maybe, when they have some time, they should find out where the paparazzi live, and stake out their houses, so they can see how the other half lives.


Celebrities are still people and should be treated with a little privacy, every once in a while.

Gladys Virella

There such a thing as privacy and I think photographers should adhere to that. He has a right to spend time w/his girlfriend or any loved one in his family w/o being followed..or stalked by someone else! There should be a law against this kind of thing! Let's put ourselves in his place; would we want to be stalked everywhere we go and watch on everything we do? So yes! Celebrities have a right to get upset and snap! Just leave them alone already!


The photographer is lucky he only got pushed and not run over. It must be so frustrating to be delayed all the time by the papparazzi. I don't blame Justin one bit!

Amy Long

Taking a photo and harassing are two different things.
When photos are easily gotten - photographers will lose interest.
If Princess Diana had let them take her picture she would not have died that night

John MC

Yes they do have the right. Celebrities are humans too. and ,like any other human, they need to have their own privacy protected, just like you and i.
Plus the photographers continuously push the envelope to set the celebrities off just so they can get a picture of their reactions and turn a profit from it.


If the situation opposes a threat. They have every right to get themselves out of harms way.


Both photographers and stars need to behave properly. As a photographer, I'm embarassed to say I've seen misbehavior on both sides, but misbehavior is all to commonplace in our selfish society. We've lost our sense of public decency over the years.

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