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When teens should be charged as adults?

At what age should teens be charged as adults in crimes?  Two teens on Long Island are accused in the assault of a store owner.  One teen is charged as an adult, and the other as a juvenile. Eyewitness News wants to know what you think.  Post your comments (below) and they could appear on Eyewitness News First at 4 p.m.






Teens should be charged as adults and so should the parents.


There should no longer be an age limit. If someone (regardless of age) commits an "adult" crime, they should be charge as such. EVERYONE should be held acccountable for their actions, no more slap on the wrists because of age.


Well Teenager's Mature in Different Way's Depending on there adult Hood, Etc, I say a Teenager should be charged as an Adult Not based on the Crime but Based on the Legal Age Limit he is Considered an adult, Our Laws Don't give Teenage Kids who make Drastic Mistakes, a chance to be Resourceful in there Growing Years if they put them away for life or 20 years, They are adults when there out of jail, how does that give them a fair chance in Society ?

Also our laws don't allow 18 year old to drink or smoke, but they can join the Army and Pull that Trigger? Makes no Sense at all, They System is Failing our kids by Incarcerating them as Adults When some just aren't Fully mature yet, Heck i know some 30 year old that behave worse then Teenagers, Base it on Legal Adult Age Limit of Smoking and Drinking, That is Fair... I believe in tougher Teenage Sentences with lots of Rehab and Schooling, Mandatory Period. Not putting them away for life, For god sakes we were all Teenagers and we all did stupid things, some did dummer things then others and some were influenced by the wrong friends. God Save Our Kids.

Nilsa Faga

When you are 16 you know the difference between right and wrong. They also understand that there are consequences for what they do.

Lourdes Diaz

I think 15yrs old is old enough, cause by 15 you really know right from wrong. you know the consequences of all of your actions..

Sivaram Pochiraju

Severity of the offence is important for charging a child as an adult. However the minimum age can be considered as 10 years for this purpose. The home environment,violent video games, movies and TV serials are the main reasons for this kind of behaviour among the children.

Dan from South Amboy, NJ

It don't matter the age, you heard the phrase "you do the craime, you do the time" so you can be 17, 18, 21, 24, don't matter.


Commit an adult crime...be charged as an adult...do the same time as an adult!

Bobby Bains

Teens should be charged at the age of 18. that would be my opinion.

Su Lynn

They should be charged as adults at the age they commit an adult crime. If you are over 10 yrs old you know right & wrong, therefore every teen should be charged as an adult.

Bill (carmel NY)

Children all mature at different ages, however when committing a crime it is not about maturity, it is about knowing right from wrong. I would say by 13 years old, you should be held accountable for your actions.


They should be charged based on the type of crime they commit - not based on their age!

Dylan H.

I think that at age 16, you should be charged as an adult for the crime you commit because teens at 16 should know from right and wrong.


Teens should be charged as adults at the age of 17, if they can committ a crime they should be respndabile for their own actions and face the music that goes along with the crime


If its murder/manslaughter, you should be charged as an adult at age 15 with a mandatory sentencing that includes rehabilitation and intense therapy and lesser time served. if its any other crime, you should be charged as a minor until you reach 18.

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