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Toddler kicked off flight

Did the airline go too far? A family returning home from a vacation was booted off their flight because their 2-year-old child had a meltdown before takeoff.  Eyewitness News wants to know what you think.  Post your comments (below) and they could appear on Eyewitness News First at 4 p.m.


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As an airline employee I know how important safety is on the plane so if the child cannot control herself then she must come off. The airline has every right to remove her if she caused the plane to return to the gate then she must of been to out of control

Joyce Smith

It is a shame, we as a culture is even having this conversation. Since when should a 2 years CHILD make such decisions? Just because this 2 year CHILD controls her parent’s life, why should anyone else be inconvenience? The parents needed to be the ones to pay for their child behavior, not the passengers why should anyone miss a connection or having their family members wait for them?
These doctor parents should hide their faces in shame rather than speaking out. Something is remiss here. Who is the Parent? Mom aren’t you embarrassed to say “She decided it was going to go that way? ” WOW
This written by a teacher who sees many students who are not disciplined and out of control and the impact they have on society.

Angela Shtutman

Jet Blue is horrible, they did the same to my mom last year. My mother flew with a little 5 pound dog (which she paid for $100).



re: I think that people understand how a 2 year old is and the parents should have gotten a chance to calm the child down. We have all been there at some point with a child!!!

That's why they make Tylenol. Kidding.

Shoot, I need something to calm me down after getting there way early, getting searched and waiting in the terminal.

@Su Lynn

Amen sister, all my kids as well. Once my car broke down after I had set up house at another AF Base; I had to take a Greyhound Bus to San Diego with a two and three year old. I dreaded the trip and thought I would have all kinds of problems... nope, just a loooong trip, I guess I was lucky. But, there was a woman with a screamer on the bus for a day,(seemed like an eternity); Guess who quieted her baby down and had the baby for the rest of the trip? It was cool because some moms get overwhelmed and some are just not with it. If it happened today, I would be accused of kidnapping, there'd by a book and movie of the week... oh, and she would be a 'child expert' and commentator on some channel. :)

Lisa Marie

Those parents are so irresponsible to even be traveling with a TWO YEAR OLD! Parents shouldn't travel with children that young unless it's an emergency! 2 year olds are unpredicable, can't be controled and therefore need to be left at home and not taken into places where they are a menace and potential hazard! Parents need to stop being so selfish and take other people's well-being into consideration before bringing their children. Ever hear of a baby sitter? Sometimes, the way your parents and grandparents did things was best: Keep Children at HOME until their old enough to BEHAVE!!!

Carolyn Petersel

When you report on stories like this, it is bad publicity when that captain only cared about following FAA rules and ensured the safety for rest of passengers. What do the parents do if toddler refuses to be in car seat? I think parents owe JetBlue an apology and you should send kudos to entire crew for safety, compliance and caring for all others on plane

A Biker

Seems only fair to me. $400 for a flight and I have to listen to somebody's screaming kid?

They should have people traveling with kids sit in the last 4 rows of the plane, then put some sort of sound-deadening curtain to block them a bit.

Hey, they make my Pit Bull ride in a cage in the cargo hold, and he never makes a sound or runs up and down the aisles...

Patricia Lang

Since when is a toddler in charge of an airline flight? Sorry, but if the parents were not able to get the child buckled into her seat, then it was time to leave the flight. I've been on too many flights with screaming children. And, understanding by the other passengers has nothing to do with it. Not only are those passengers effected by the delay of the flight, but so is the entire flight schedule of the airports that are involved.

Both parents are doctors. Next time bring Benadryl along to sedate the kid!!!!


It seem to me that everybody is talking about jet blue and wat they have done wat we should be talking about is how the people in this country let there kids run all over them we see it all the time at least heard of a story of child acting out in the streets the key word is a child getting the best of the mom and dad we are talking about a two year old that after telling her to sit in her seat and refuseing to do so i don't know about any one eles but it dont take much to pick her up and sit her in her seat and put the belt on her untill take off she is already crying so the passengers is already unease then to find out they cant leave cause the parents has put there child on the same level as a adult you tell them wat to do not the other way around

M Casabianca

The pilot was right.It is the fault of the two parents that they didn't get the child in the seat and put her belt on and let the kid throw a fit.When the parent said this isn't the way "She wanted it" you can tell the parents were NOT IN CHARGE.Don't blame JET Blue because you can't control your kid on takeoff


As an airline employee I know how important safety is on the plane so if the child cannot control herself then she must come off. The airline has every right to remove her if she caused the plane to return to the gate then she must of been to out of control



Peg Adams

The pilot did the right thing. The child and parents were not the only passengers on the plane. Shame on the parents for trying to make an issue out of this occurence, if they both cannot control a two year old, imagine when the child is older.

Steve Zee

As a frequent flyer, I've had my share of brats acting out in flight including a 5-year old "playing" with the hatch lever until someone (other than his parents who were clueless to his whereabouts) stoped him. In this age of pandemic incompetance amongst text-book educated parents I would say that if the child could not be made to comply with regulations by the parents, the airline was definately correct in removing the family.


Personally the airlines did not go too far as it is in the best interest to ensure the comfort and safety of all passengers on board. If they do not conform to the rules set forth by the airlines they should in fact be removed from flight until they choose to conform.


The airline is within their rights to remove any passenger from the plane who does not conform to the rules - whether they are 2 or 200 years old. The rules are designed for the safety of all. The airline does not need to give the parents "10 minutes" as was suggested above. They had more then ten minutes during the boarding process to get it together. Departure time is departure time. If you are not settled in and ready to go by departure time, then you need to go! Ten minutes past scheduled departure time means the loss of a departure slot for the flight and the inconvenience of all onboard. Perhaps the Doctors should have taken their nanny on this trip, so they would not have to worry how to "control" their toddler.

Janice Selden

Parents need to know when to be parents. I don't think Jet Blue overreacted. It is for everyone's safty, including unruly children. Children who travel in cars know they have to be strapped down,the same should apply for air travel. Perhaps, all parents should go through a mock air flight with children before traveling.


Having once been a parent with a sometimes-tantruming child (thankfully, that was years ago), I feel the airline was perfectly within their rights to do what they did. Two years old is old enough to know or be taught that rules are rules. The airlines did the parents a big favor by setting a proper example of how people, big or small, young or old, should conduct themselves in public places.


I think the pilot and crew did the right thing. I personally wish young toddlers were not permitted on planes. There is nothing worse than listening to one throwing a tantrum or crying from an earache caused by takeoff or landing. When they throw a tantrum, my first inclination is to give them something to cry about. Unfortunately that is against the law these days. If I had my way kids under the age of 10 would not be allowed on planes


I did not decide to have your child. Stop shoving it in my face

Kerry Cohen

Yes!!!! Jet blue was entirely correct in their actions. The parents should have just placed the child in her seat belt and that would have been that. It is not fair to other people on the flight had to be inconvenienced by a toddler's behavior...shame on those parents!!!! They allow their child to control them!!! SHAME ON THEM!!! Jet Blue was right.

Taren Fleming

Shame on you Jet Blue. No one at Jet Blue must have toddlers or they would know they don't typically listen on que!

Tom M

Jet Blue crew was correct! Toddlers don't get to do whatever they want on aircraft.Mommy is raising a future brat

Skip Rasso

The pilot is in charge of the airplane. You are to do what you are told by the person in charge. If you as the parent can not handle a 2 year old, then you and your child must go.

Mary D.

Really, does that mother think that the pilot just targeted her for some
trivial reason? It's clearly disturbing how some people only think of
Their own needs and not think of what is necessary for the safety of

Nathaniel Miles

This situation apparently continued for a prolong peroid of time since the pilot had left the gate and had to return. I think the pilot had to take the action he took. He obviously couldn't have taken off with that situation continuing for the safety of all.


I am glad to finally hear that an out of control, screaming child was taken off a plane. I think that the jet blue crew members did their job 100%. For the safety and sanity of all the passengers, this should happen more often!


No. I do not think they gone too far. The toddler should have got her seat belt, like everyone else. Why should they try to put her belt on and delay everyone?


The airline did the correct thing. Public safety is the concern here. Why could this child not be controlled? She is only 2 yrs old. The parents apparently are too permissive, and have allowed this behaviour. Question: if the child is autistic, which might explain the behaviour, why have the parents not addressed this properly? Our safety is in the hands of the crew of the flight we take, and the decision of the Pilot is to followed by passengers, and all other employees on the flight. Why is there any question about this? It is more than just a child acting out, this becomes a home security matter. The parents should face a stiff fine for disruping the public peace.


JET BLUE did the right thing to get the child of board. Parent should learn to control their children in public, JET BLUE has their rules, if something happen to the child trust me ,the parent of this child will take JET BLUE ON.


Yes they should have been removed.

The parents did not seem to be to concerned about all the other passengers that could possibly miss their connecting flights because they could not control their child.


The airline made the right decision to remove this disorderly child from the flight. I bet the next time they fly the parents will have more control. The family needed to be taught a lesson. I hope more families learn that other paying passengers do not want the annoyance, and therefore their kid/s should act properly on a public flight. Good Job Jet Blue.


Kudos to JetBlue for doing the right thing. The plane should not have been held up waiting for a two year old to decide to put their seatbelt on. The parents are crying now because they were inconvenienced but isn't that better than having the child propelled through the air if something had happened during takeoff?

godzilla fan

How could JetBlue do this????? It's a little two year old toddler what can they expect??????!?!!!?!?!!? Now im having second thoughts about JetBlue. They are not considerate and are careless about their decisions.

Monique D.

The airlines decision was dead on. If the parents could not control the child and apply her seatbelt, it could have caused a disaster. Better to remove them from the plane than risk her being injured at take off. Thank you Jet Blue for following the rules and not letting someone else dictate rules to you.

Afro Pick

I hate screaming children on the plane. Kicking the back of your seat, crying the whole time, and not putting on their seatbelt. The parents deserve this because they dont make their children behave!


Thank God for someone (the Pilot) to prevent 100 people listening to a screaming kid all the way back to Boston.Maybe the Doctors should stay home if they can't control their child.Kudos to JetBlue

Barbara Fleit

I agree strongly with the airline. Why should an entire planeload of people be inconvienced by a child?

Carmen D Rivera

No....It is a parents responsibility to deal with their child/children...and these are Doctors!!??....I wouldn't see them,...that's for sure....!!!!


JetBlue was absolutely right!

James MacMann

Parent are responsible for their children, and the pilot is responsible for EVERYONE on the plane. If you can't control your children on an airplane, you shouldn't be traveling.

Rules are rules, and are there for everyone safety.

Dr. Le-Nora Jones McBeth

Why have we become so afraid of making our children do what they MUST do? Who is running the show here? Let her cry with her seatbelt on. She won't die....she'll get over it and she'll learn that in life we often have to do things we don't want to do. Leave the airline alone for making the right choice!


I think that a toddler that is uncooperative should be allowed to sit on the lap of the parent in their seat belt. The plane should not be held up though. Other passengers need to be considered.


I am guessing that the crew members weren't once a kid, some kids are more behaved than others, nothing wrong with that. The crew definitely over reacted.

Kanon Barua

The airline did not go far at all! I would have done the same thing if I was the captain. If something did happen to the toddler while on the mother's lap, the toddler could have been seriously injured. Then the parents would have sued the airline, as that is our national pastime next to baseball.


Her parents should have put her little butt in the seat and fastened the seat belt and held her down if necessary. The airline did the right thing. Maybe now the parents will learn how to control their child.


We live in a society where parents feel that because their child is being difficult the rest of the world has to stop and understand. While I understand parenting is never easy, they forget that in this day and age, safety is more important than your child's tantrum. If something were to have happened and she lost her grip on her child the airline would have been held responsible because she felt it was better to make her child happy instead of making her child safe. Jetblue just followed protocol. I stand with them.


ABSOLUTELY NOT!!! If the child was acting out before the flight took off, can you imagine what that child would have been like during the flight?? It would have been the Flight From HELL!!!!

Laura Donias

The pilot on the aircraft is the last word. The fact that the parents are doctors doesn't make any difference. They should have been able to control the child. I had twins and went to FL often and NEVER did they pull anything like that. Bravo to the pilot.


No I do not think JetBlue went too far. It's a safety issue and the parents should have been able to control their toddler. They are doctors and they should know better. A rule for one is a rule for all.


Good for the airline. I don't have kids so I can't say if I'd react differently. I'm not sure how identifying the parents as "doctors" has any relevance though.

Shauna Boland

Rules are rules!!! Their doctors right? They should of prep their daughter better. My mother never had a problem with any 4 of us traveling when we're growing up.

Amiery D Miller

People need to control their children. If your child does not listen to you at home sorry they will not listen out in public. I think that pilot waited too long. I would have kicked them off after 15, at least he waited four an hour delaying the flight.

RP London

When did parents become so afraid of being parents these days, I have 3 adult children now so I know very well how 2-year-olds can behave, too BAD! Strap the kid to the seat because it is what needs to be done and she can scream her little head off.

Be the parent and do what you needs to be done to comply with the law and the airline regulations, and everyone can fly safely. If you cannot, then simple, don't fly with your kid until he/she can behave (and in this particular case, might be a while)


No the airline did not go too far, the parents should have seen to it that the child was safely buckled in her seat, there are other passengers who wanted to get to where they were going without that type of delay.


That's what Benadryl is for. Given 1 hour before the flight, parents and passengers are guaranteed a stress-free journey.


If the tantrum affects the plane's ability to leave on time, the airline is in their right. Why should the rest of the passangers be delayed because a child doesn't want their belt buckled?

David Brooks

The airline has a responsibility to everyone on board to ensure their comfort and safety. Such a distraction can divert the attention of an already overworked crew and put everyone at risk. Jet Blue absolutely did the right thing when they removed the passengers.


Unfortunately YES. If after say 10 minutes, and while conforming to all FAA safety regulations, the toddler can't or won't calm down and behave then the crew needs to decide on the side of all the other passengers who are waiting to move on to their next destination. You just can't let a toddler dictated what goes on for the other 100+ or so passengers waiting.

Joseph Roberts

No, they haven't gone far enough. Parachutes should be provided for meltdowns after takeoff.


kudos to the Pilot and to the Jet blue crew for following the "law", what would have been if someone from the FAA sits on that plane and withness it and they would let the plane takeoff with a child not belted and then the pilot gets punished who would stick up for the pilot or the airline ? we cant break the law for any age if it might haunt the pilot or airline.


I think that people understand how a 2 year old is and the parents should have gotten a chance to calm the child down. We have all been there at some point with a child!!!

Su Lynn

No the airline absolutely did not go to far! Per my on-line comment to your story - Thank God, for a pilot with an ounce of common sense. I have been stuck on JetBlue with screaming, out of control brats, whose permissive parents are clueless. These are the same parents that would sue the airline, if the plane hit an air-pocket and she was thrown across the cabin and killed! My daughter flew to Mexico @ 2 ½, she was very proud to be “ALLOWED” to fly on a plane like a grown-up and behaved exactly the way she was taught! Sit in your seat, put on your seat belt, and play quietly!

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