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Unique baby names

What do you think of unique celebrity baby names?  Beyonce and Jay-Z had a daughter of the weekend and named her Blue Ivy Carter.  Eyewitness News wants to know what you think.  Post your comments (below) and they could appear on Eyewitness News First at 4 p.m.



"Unique" Is that what you are calling these names. Try more like "stupid & inconsiderate" for their children. These children have to go thru life with these ridiculous names. Who names a girl "Blue?" For that matter, who names any child "blue" What will she name her next child...Yellow, Orange, Purple, Green. How stupid.


Just another celebrity couple who need attention. Im not a fan of Beyonce, and the parents could name their baby whatever; i dont care. Beyonce isnt the first nor will she be the last to have a baby. If privacy is such an issue keep the baby in your room and stop dirupting peoples lives, just because you have money.


Also most people don't know why she named it Ivy Blue. Her favorite number is 4, which in roman nummerals is IV and favorite collor is blue ofcourse

steve jeffrey

Dumb indeed. But then again, why should we even care about what they named their baby? You'll have to tell me what I should even care about Beyonce, Jay-Z and/or Blue Ivy. And if they really did pay for an entire floor of the hospital......the 1% over the 99%. Pleeeze.


I think a unique name is good because if I have the same name as someone it going to be a little boring. My sister's name is pretty unique Lilly-Rose


Their child, their choice of names. More people should mind their own business.


I think celebrities try to use unique names so they can have different names from others.


I think it's awesome that celebrities give there babies unigue names it just shows how unigue the celebrities themselves are.


There is a unique meaning behind the name. Which i find to be nice B L U E has 4 letters and blue is always jay-z best selling album (BLue print) and also has 4 letters and ivy "IV" in roman numeral is 4 and they got married on the 4th and both of there birthdays are on the 4th.


I Love It.! Sounds Cute And Has A Great Meaning Behind It.! Besides Whats Cool About Being Ordinary.


Celebrities are crazy to give their kids unique names, but who am I? I believe that the parents should consider their children's future when giving them such interesting names.

Lucy J

Who cares, I am tired about hearing about celebrity lives, they don't live real lives and don't know what reality if it bit them, can we just get to what IS IMPORTANT TO MY LIFE, thank you!


The parents had to have the child so they should be able to name it what they want however I do think that sometimes the parents forget that the child has to go to school and grow up with children who can be cruel sometimes.

Lelani L

I think a unique name is great. A real ice breaker. My name at one time was odd


I think people can name their children whatever they want.If others don't like the name,it doesn't matter they can't change it!


Just remember that your child has to deal with the name you give him/her for the rest of his/her life...


I'm so happy for my fav, Beyonce, & Jay-z for having a healthy baby girl! I'm a fan of the name & I find it to be rather fierce just like her mom. Im sure when baby blue grows up she'll understand the meaning of her name like we all do. This little buddle of joy is so epic! she doesnt even know it yet! I wish the two of them all the love, happiness, and smiles the world has to offer & a HUGE congrats to the Knowles family, the Carter family & friends alike.


Unique celebrity names are not unique, just dumb!


I feel like celebrities look for more ways to get attention. When you give such a "unique" name to a baby, people talk about it for weeks. Blue Ivy has been trending since Beyonce gave birth!

Lisa A.

The name choices seem to show the level of privilege that exsist for celebrities. Their children's names aren't considered for ever having to be put on a resume.

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