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Would You Have Found Dr. Conrad Murray Guilty of Manslaughter?

Dr. Conrad Murray was found guilty of manslaughter in the case of Michael Jackson's death.  If you were on the jury, how would you have found Murray, guilty or not guilty and why?  Share your thoughts with us by clicking on COMMENT below.  Your comments may appear on Eyewitness News.

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Pearley ramnarine

i got fired from my job as a nursing assist for spending too much time feedin and carin for my patient cause hosp I was told is overcrowded so y is it a doctor walks away with minamal jail time for his negligence that takes the life of a human bein more so of someone that contrubites to needys accross the globe and changed da world .we need to send a stern message to our celebrity docs stop the drug killin .flat out I call that highclass professional killings


I would have found Dr Murray guilty, but they should have tried all the other doctors who were prescribing meds to Michael Jackson. I'm sure all contributed to Michael's demise the day he died.

julie mulligan

absolutely would find him guilty, only because he definately IS guilty,

Margie Kochman

Michael Jackson should also be held accountable, he was a drug addict


Certainly, Dr Murray had a part in MJ's death, but he shared responsibility with MJ himself as well as the scores of others on MJ's payroll as well as his family who benefited from his fame and success and were the recipients of MJ's generosity who were willing to give him anything he wanted to keep him happy and working. MJ's family is shouting VICTORY but where is the victory? Michael is dead as the result of his own poor judgements. We all loved Michael Jackson and I, too, am sorry that he is gone. But I doubt that anyone forced drugs on him. He was an intelligent, although eccentric, person and ultimately made his own decisions. If he was a victim, he was the victim of fame and fortune which makes drugs and other illegal or harmful substances readily available. Unfortunately, he was also the victim of a society who has a different standard for the behavior of celebrities and big money makers i.e Lindsey Lohan,m Charlie Sheen etc. It's time to place the responsibility where it belongs. Michael Jackson is dead because of his own, chosen lifestyle as well as the actions of those who participated. He was not an innocent victim.

Cassandra Malanga

Justice has been served.

I do not understand how Dr. Murray had even one good nights sleep since this incident.

He is a disgrace to his profession.


No, I might suspend or revoke his medical license but Michael Jackson has been on a self-destructive path for most of his life. He was emotionally disturbed and his celebrity enabled him to hire people to do his bidding, whatever crazy thing that was. I believe he was a pedophile... and I believe his children should have been taken away years ago. I think the whole family has serious psychological problems. I think his inflated opinion of himself leading to this huge tour is what killed him. The drugs in his body were not all given to him by a doctor. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see that he was abusing drugs... maybe not illegal drugs but drugs in quantities that could kill him. It is sad. The Jackson 5 were a talented group of kids when I was growing up... they all seem to have varying degrees of messed up lives now.


I am a Registered Nurse. I followed the entire trial online. It was apparent to me after hearing the case that Dr. Conrad Murray was guilty of involuntary manslaughter in the death of Michael Jackson.
I base my decision of guilty for the following reasons:
1. Propofol is not a drug meant for home use or for insomnia and should only be administered when in a hospital or clinic setting with all the appropriate medical personnel and monitoring equipment.
2. Conrad Murray was unethical in giving Michael Jackson what Michael wanted, i.e., I.V sedatives and Propofol for sleep and was enabling Michael to use these drugs inappropriately.
3. Conrad Murray was more interested in his emails and phone conversations than in properly monitoring Michael. I believe that during this time he may have left Michael alone thinking he was asleep.Unfortunately, Dr. Murray had given a lethal combination of drugs and Michael had a respiratory and cardiac arrest and died. I believe by the time Dr. Murray found Michael it may have been too late to save him.
4. Dr. Murray did not call 911 in a timely way and was unprepared and inept in appropriate respiratory and cardiac resuscitation when administering Propofol.
5. Dr. Murray withheld pertinent medical information from the paramedics and doctors at UCLA emergency room. Dr. Murray appeared to have lied at other times as well to cover up what had really happened so he would not be found responsible for Michael's death.
There are other factors in my verdict of "Guilty" and I agree with the prosecution's witnesses, the Medical Doctor's who were expert witnesses who testified that Dr. Murray had made many egregious violations of standards of Medical Care. To me this was a clear cut case of GUILTY.

Mike Johnson

Everyone is saying the Murray killed Michael but in fact Michael killed himself. It was his own decision to take those drugs. There trying to get satisfaction about the death of him by playing it off as if it wasn't his fault, to make him seem like a good person, when yet behind the scenes he was just an addict.

Rise G

First I think the death of Michael Jackson was awful, however I don't believe Dr. Murray should have not got to prison. If this had been someone else he would have never been found guilty. I do believe he should never be able to practice medicine again. But jail I think is unfair and he is being used as a scape goat. Michael was addicted to drugs and that fact seems to excape everyone.


Justice was served! I don't care about the fact that he was a drug addicted person, the important factor in this matter is that Dr. Conrad' took an oath to care for his patients and by leaving Michael alone he failed him then tried to cover it up instead trying to save Michael. It breaks my heart that he was taken away by such a careless act.

Hello, everyone...My name is Steven Crowley

I Was RELIVED SOOO!!!! Much, When I HEARD this news, now I was "Struck By Lightninng" 8 Years ago, recovery HAS been AOK On my end Any Way, I was Relived to find out the news about "Conrad Murray". I liked MJ SOOOOOOOO much!!!

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