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How good is your Thanksgiving meal?

Is your Thanksgiving dinner better than your mother’s when growing up?  What traditions do you continue from those meals?  Post your comments (below) and they could appear on Eyewitness News First at 4 p.m.



Not better or worse, just different. Stuffing different and mine is better. Mom's cranberry sauce is better. I offer different side than my mom did, and that what makes it different.

Andrea Jamel Thomas

No my mother's Thanksgiving dinner will always be better than my. I missed her cooking more than ever around this time of year so what I do I don't cook I just eat at other family house if they are cooking. There is no cooking like your mother trust me. I been w/o her cooking for thirteen year now. The only traditions I will continue will be the baking. Sweet pototes pies, apple pies and homemade pound cake.


Yes! Thank god! Better than Mom's in taste, health and ambiance.


Ever since thanksgiving begun we had the same turkey and meals. Also includes moms famous mashed potatoes and gravy.


Over the years we have made improvements and added various gourmet side dishes. Also The entire family brings their specialty dishes. But the Mom's sweet potato, pineapple, marshmallow dish is always there!

Erin Bertuccio

My moms is traditional, mine has more of a "kick" . They are both good but mine I think is more modern and spicy.


Our Thanksgiving is less formal tham my moms..but my mom loved this holiday, The table decorations were my job, but dinner was hers. I use her receipes, but somehow they aren't quite up to her level.


No, my early recollections of Thanksgiving with the whole family was Fantastic, but when no one wanted to host it dropped by many degrees, until it disappeared. After I got married we started a holiday tradition again with our new friends, but it wasn't the same as Family...After my divorce it disappeared for good...Now it's maybe chicken, if anything...


Ever since the first thanksgiving all of our meals and traditions


I have 3 children and try so hard to carry on my families tradition, but nothing compares to my parents Thanksgiving, growing up it was all about the amazing food ( my mom can cook ) and traditions, my dad is having his 2nd thanksgiving in heaven so we will all be together to remember him.! My mom is the best!!!!!

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