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Hank Williams Monday Night Football song pulled

ESPN pulled Hank Williams Jr.'s classic intro song from its broadcast of Monday night's NFL game after the country singer famous for the line "Are you ready for some football?" used an analogy to Adolf Hitler in discussing President Barack Obama.  Do you agree with ESPN’s decision based on what Williams said? 


Ash Malarkey

Sunsimba, I completely agree. Although I'm not a big Obama fan, its still offensive to compare our president to someone so inhumane. http://www.twitpic.com/6uy4e5


I'm not a Hank William's Jr fan, and not a fan of politicans (both republicrooks or demoRATS), but I got the meaning right away. It was an extreme comment meant to explain how ridiculous it was for them to get together on the golf course becuase they will not work together on the real issues in this country. Both sides are looking to push their own agenda. Too bad people are easily misdirected on where to address their fustrations.


Hank Williams, Jr has freedom of speech, like any of the rest of us. However, like all of us, he also has to deal with the consequences of his speech. He said something that a majority of Americans, whether they support the President or not, would find repulsive. While he has the right to say it, ESPN also has the right to disassociate itself from such inflammatory remarks.


It's about DAMN time that someone had the courage to say what so many of us are already thinking!! Right On Hank Williams!!

Jason Bryan

I guess freedom of speech only applies to the politically correct.


No - As a person in the spot light he should know better & know his history. There is no correlation between the President & Hitler.

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