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What's the appropriate age difference when dating?

The age difference between Rupert Murdoch and his wife is 38 years.  Ryan Phillipe and Demi Lovato have also been reported dating, and their age difference is 18 years.  Eyewitness News wants to know what you think.  What’s an appropriate age difference between a man and a woman when dating?  Is it different if the man or the woman is the older of the two?  Post your comments below and they could appear on Eyewitness News.



College Dating

Online dating has become a fad nowadays. A lot of people, young and old are trying their luck to have the best partner thorugh online dating sites. But they also have to know their limitations and the rules that they need to abide to avoid getting scammed by other illegitimate online dating sites.

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Ethan Alexander

These days age is of little or no concern. If there's a significant age difference, one member of the relationship is called a Cougar. And Cougars are a growing segment of the dating world. The notion that age makes much of a difference is old-fashioned and grew out of the WWII generation.

Alt Com

Each person has his own preference in dating. The important thing is for the couple to have a good relationship regardless of age.

Online Dating Services

Dating older is cool. They always seem to know what they want


i personely would not date older womemn i find that very inapropreate, i am very old fashed i do beleve it is o.k for a woman twenty one years old to date a sixty or seventy year old man, it also help if there is a lot of money involved. sinserly morgan555


Thanks for the informations. I am impressed by the quality of information you provide. Keep up the good work!

Donna Queli

I would rather have snow, put on my hat, gloves and boots and build a snowman and bake cookies!! Right here in Bloomfield NJ


one thing i love about this country particulity this state that u can date anyone regardless of age or gender for that matter then married them end of story.

Anthony "Big Fish" Manzo

My wife Rhonda is nearly 20 years older than me and we have a beautiful marriage. The only factor should be love, not age!

sam weinstein

I do not think that age is a big factor anymore. If you love someone, regardless of the age difference, marry them

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