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Do you trust the airline industry?

The FAA is investigating an air traffic controller who was allegedly drunk on the job.  With all in the news with Air traffic controllers, near collisions, and issues at the security line, Eyewitness News wants to hear from you.  Do you still trust those in the airline industry or do you just fly for convenience and hope nothing goes wrong?  Post your comments (below) and they could appear on Eyewitness News.


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Regardless of the servive we need to trust the airline services as long as the flights is safe and economical.

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I am a frequent flyer, so far i have no complaint about the airline services that i already tried before.

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No matter wht happen we need to trust the airline industry. We need it, everytime we need to travel by one country to another we need to take a plane. Not all the airlines operator are cannot be trusted, others also do their best to give their best services to the public.

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No matter Airlines industry serves the most sensitive job, service to world wide passengers which cannot afford to have a miss on any portion of it, but yet some of the airlines like Emirates,QATAR AIRWAYS, jet blue, virgin Atlantic are doing great job, as there is no substitute for flying globally


Understaffed, unsupervised and increasing accidents and near misses. No i do not trust them and try to avoid flying as much as possible.

Debra Beecher

I trust the airlines since riding the friendly skies in 1996 i never thought of the air traffic controllers controlling the skies for safety, I would always book my flight and hope that every thing be ok by the time i travel the only thing i be a little worried about before i travel is the weather or a service changes in the flights were i would have to call.

Alan Abramowitz

when I travel i do it as a convience , its hard to trust the industry with all that you hear from breaches at the airport to controllers falling asleep and now they say one was over the limit in regards to alcohol.They need to police themselves and imagine that someone they care about are on those flights maybe then they will be observent and not fall asleep , someone needs to look at the amount of hours that they are working per shift and that may need to be addressed



sam weinstein

Sleeping and Alcohol go together these days with the airline controllers. I hope we all get to the destination in one piece.


Funny this would be the question, I just returned from Newark airport after dropping a family member who required a wheelchair. The irresponsible lack of concern attitude of just a few of the employees at the airports makes them all look bad. The actions of few can’t help but make you wonder whether this is the attitude of all airport employees and how far up the chain of command does it go, and how does that lack of concern attitude affect air travel and public safety at all levels. Needless to say, as I drove away I could not help but think "no wonder there are so many issues at airports with the people they employee".

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