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President Obama's birth certificate released

The White House has released a copy of President Obama's birth certificate.  He says the decision to release it came because the country doesn't have time for the "distraction" and "silliness" of questions being persistently raised about where he was born.   Do you agree with the decision?  Does it end the debate?   Post your comment below, and we may use it here or on Eyewitness News!


Tood White

Short and sweet - Why didn't obama produce his birth certificate over 2 years ago when the question was first brought up? obama is the greatest FARCE ever contrived and at least Trump and the Tea Party had the balls to pressure obama to produce a birth cetificate even tho it's fake.
All of you who voted for obama are a bunch of sheep just heading to the slauter house. WAKE UP AMERICA


Mr. Trump thought he was so smart and this clearly backfired on him. As a result he should get FIRED!
I think Mr. Trump is just racist and can not accept the fact that our president is of African American roots.

Annette N. Austin

Now Trump, what do you have to say about our PRESIDENT now! Are you still worrying about his birth certificate or are you going to find something small to talk about to push for you to be elected? And to be honest, I think you should stick to your T.V. show. You should be a real man and give the President all praise for what he did and everyone was safe going in and coming out.


Hey Donald Trump, how come you not asking for Osama bin Ladens birth certificate??


To what have the people in this country [USA] become? If we focused more on what is needed to help one another - just perhaps - things would be different. There are so many more issues and problems we are facing right in our own "back yards". Please people - stop all the "foolishness" and let's be "real" Americans. Stand together and show what the United States is made of and more so what we can do for one another as well as ourselves. This will no doubt be a start to helping build a better America. Everyone and I do mean everyone needs to work together so that we can all move forward. Healthcare - Schools - Economy - the list is too long.


"Barry" should have done this as soon as the issue came up. As far as not having time for silliness is concerned, I note he has time for many lavish vacations with a Rapper like entourage [That's "Posse" for you Obamanites].


What a waste of time and money..Donald Trump just need rating for his show. Please for my fellow American stop listing to moron of man.. you want to run for president than stand for real issues that we care about, fixing economy ,health cost, education and unemployment.




Oh please Deborah. And you know it's a fake how? He wasted his time because of geniuses such as yourself making him waste his time.

don't discuss this anymore

Does anyone really believe that the FBI, CIA, and Hillary Clinton did not thoroughly investigate this issue during the presidential campaign? The man has been our president for two years. I think if there was any REAL problem with his birth certificate, he would never have been allowed to run for president. This is supermarket tabloid stuff. Please focus on actual news.

Luis Muniz

They will never be happy. Why waste your time trying to appease those that can only see what they want to see - hate. Just keep focused on running the country and let them continue to make fools of themselves.


God who are these aliens contesting the validity. Most of them probably just came in from the plantation whipping their slaves or just plain idiots. Wake up people. Racism still is alive, the new KKK.

Jane Saeger

Shame on all of you. I'm sure the election committee already checked into this before he ran for president. NOW, my question is -- don't we have something more important to do with our time than badger this man. Maybe we could try to fix some of the REAL national problems.


Deborah, you are just as foolish as trump is, but you know, as the kids would say"don't hate the player, hate the game, and no matter you or trump, or any republican say, he did, the ultimate, aPresident Obama got into the White House, where it was thought that a black AMERICAN would ever be allowed to go, so if he does not win gain, HE DID IT,yeah'!!!!!!!!!!!!

Teresa Alvarino

What a disgrace these people are in our country!! This was UNNECESSARY for our President to have to do to appease the hypocritical Right Wing Conservatives and nut jobs like Donald Trump and the Tea Party!! All this because President Obama is part black and the "good 'ole white boys" CAN'T STAND IT. TOO BAD, DEAL WITH IT CAUSE HE'LL BE IN OFFICE AGAIN!!!


Seeing is not belieiving in this case - and it is NOT even an actual birth certificate - why did he waste so much time and money to produce even this...and we are all aware that in this day & age everything can be so edited digitally, that who knows if this is even a real document...It is far from "silliness" when the president of our country can not produce a valid birth certificate - when the every day person needs it for any legal matters..passport, college, loans and so on...

Gail Kubicke

I am so happy that President Obama took the lead and finally released his birth certificate. Hopefully this will put an end to all of the rhetoric and suspicion that the anti-Obama constituency is desperately trying to spread throughout the US and the world. These folks would better serve all of us if they in fact put aside their negativity and expended the same energies trying to try to make this a better world for all of us and future generations to live in.


why did it take so long? did they make a new one?

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