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January 2011


Remembering Challenger 25 years later: Where were you?

Just before noon on January 28, 1986, millions watched with excitement as the space shuttle Challenger lifted off from its Florida launch pad.  Many of those watching were children as schoolteacher Christa McAuliffe was on board.   Seconds later, the excitement turned to horror as the Challenger exploded, killing the seven astronauts. (Click here to read more)

We would like to know where you were that sad day, what you recall and any other thoughts you would like to share.  Please click on comment to add your thoughts.  We may publish them here or use them on Eyewitness News.



New York or New Jersey Jets?

Governor Chris Christie has a message for Jets fans.  They're New Jersey's team.

"Today when they're practicing, where are they practicing? New Jersey. And when they play their homes games, where do they play? New Jersey. And where do most of their players live? In New Jersey," Governor Christie said on Tuesday.

A day earlier, he reminded reporters that coach Rex Ryan also lives in New Jersey.

New Yorkers have a much different view, as Senator Charles Schumer pointed out.

"It's the New York Jets and that's how the Jets want it. That's how the country wants it and New York is New York. Sorry Jersey," he said.

So who's right?  To which state do the Jets truly belong -- New York or New Jersey?  Click on comment below to offer your opinion and reasoning.  We may publish your response here or use it on Eyewitness News.


Regis Philbin leaving 'Live'

Regis Philbin announced Tuesday that he will be leaving "Live with Regis and Kelly" later this year.  Eyewitness News wants to know what you think.  What are your favorite Regis memories?  Click Below to leave your comments, and they could appear on Eyewitness News.


Jets advance to the AFC Championship again

For the second year in a row, the New York Jets are headed to the AFC Championship after beating New England 28-21.   Tell us what you thought of the big win, and do you think the Jets can stop the Steelers and make it to the Super Bowl?  What are the chances that the Jets will win the Super Bowl?   Tell us what you think by clicking on comment below.  We may publish your thoughts here or use them on Eyewitness News!


Tragedy in Tucson

The tragedy in Tucson has renewed debates on everything from the political climate to gun control.  What do you think are the important lessons and discussions, and where do you stand on these key issues?  Post your comments below by clicking on comment.  All comments are subject to approval.  They may be used on Eyewitness News.


Eyewitness News Sports Director Scott Clark Retires

Our Scott Clark is retiring after 24 years with Eyewitness News!  Let's wish him well as he moves on to his future endeavors.  If you'd like to leave a message for Scott, click COMMENT, and then share your thoughts.  You can watch Scott's final goodbye from Monday's 11pm broadcast below.



You can watch Scott's final Predictoball from Monday's 6pm broadcast below!