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Worst Holiday Gift

With the holidays approaching Eyewitness News wants to know what's the worst holiday gift you've ever received?  E-mail your thoughts and comments (by clicking below), and you can also SEND IN A PICTURE OF THE GIFT.  Your comments and pictures could be shown on Eyewitness News. 

Tune in on Thursday, November 18 at 5:30 p.m. for an Eyewitness News Special: Holiday Shopping Guide 2010 on Channel 7.


Marian Hershkowitz

It was 1955 and my then boyfriend (eventually my husband) gave me a mother of pearl gold framed(not real gold) combination make-up/cigarette case/evening bag to be held in hand, or from a gold snake like chain. Perhaps it could be used for an ultra fancy formal affair but it was totally inappropriate for my lifestyle then and even now! Incidently,I didn't smoke. It was shopped for on his behalf by a female relative.Years later I offered it to each of my two grown daughters who said "Thanks,but no thanks!" So now it sits on a shelf not one bit tarnished, never used, in its' gray felt cover,carefully wrapped in tissue paper in its' original silver colored gift box.I wonder if I could sell it on E-Bay or Craigs List. It must be some kind of collectible by now. What do you think?


Worst holiday gift was when i was about 10 years old from my Godmother/Aunt, who shall remain nameless. She presented me with a beautiful Italian Red Leather Jewelry Box, which when opened was EMPTY. The Italian watch that WAS in that box was given to her son, while I got the handsome leather box for my TRINKETS. 45 years later, I still use this box for trinkets and memorabilia, but I often wonder how that watch would have looked on me. I can send a pic if you need. Happy Holidays! (Ha-Ha)


my worst gift was books.

dying of embarrassment

Worst Holiday Gift?
Years ago I got a burial plot...and I was young and healthy.


We asked my dad to stop smoking, so he got my sister and I an humidifier instead. Ha! Thanks dad

Annette P.

One year I received a yearly planner, but when I checked it, it was 2 yrs old, the dates were for 2 yrs prior. It was an obvious re-gift.
Oh -boy! What a goof!!


My grandmother gave me a pocket calendar with a postage stamp on it. When I removed the stamp, the words "In Loving Memory of Edward McKinley" were embossed on the cover. Yikes!


A humitifier

cory bohner

A coloring book that was already colored in

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