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October 2010


Evidence of time travel?

An Irish filmmaker thinks he has found evidence of time travel in a Charlie Chaplin movie.

George Clarke says a video from a bonus feature of the DVD to Chaplin's 1928 film "The Circus" shows a woman talking into something she's holding up to her ear.

It appears to be a mobile phone, although they weren't invented until the 1970s.

It's likely the actor is holding a hearing aid, but we won't be the judge.

Watch the video and judge for yourself!  Leave a comment below.  (All comments are subject to approval)



Bully protection

A Hartford woman is facing charges for allegedly sending her 12-year-old son to school with a BB gun and a folding knife so he could protect himself from bullies.   Meanwhile,  the Department
of Education has written to schools, colleges and universities nationwide warning that tolerating or failing to address some forms of bullying could violate federal law.   Weigh in here.  Do you know kids who are being bullied?   What advice do you give to kids about bullies?  Have you been bullied and how did you handle it?  We'd love to hear from you.  Submit your thoughts by clicking comment.  All submissions are subject to approval and may be used on Eyewitness News in addition to being published here. 


The View and Bill O'Reilly

After guest Bill O'Reilly declared "Muslims killed us on 9/11," Joy Behar and Whoopi Goldberg, co-hosts of the ABC daytime talk show, stormed off the set.

It happened as O'Reilly was discussing President Obama's stance on Park51, the Muslim community center that is slated to be built two blocks from ground zero in Manhattan.

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Banning sugary drinks from food stamp purchases

Mayor Bloomberg and Governor Paterson are asking the Department of Agriculture, which runs the food stamp program, to add sugary drinks to the list of prohibited goods.  The idea is forcing people on food stamps to make healthier choices when buying groceries.   What do you think about this proposal?  Should government be getting involved in trying to control what people eat?   Tell us what you think by clicking on the comment link.   Your submission may be shown here or on Eyewitness News tonight!  Click here to read the full story.



Voter Voices: What matters to you this election season?

Eyewitness News is traveling New York State and taking a closer look at issues facing voters upstate.  Many have voiced concerns over unemployment, education, small businesses, taxes, and even farming.  We want to know, what matters to you this election season?  Click on COMMENT below to tell us your thoughts.  They may appear on Eyewitness News!