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This is information to help you be aware and prepared as the wind impacts New York City.  Meteorologist Amy Freeze

If you live in Manhattan you probably felt little more than a rainstorm for Irene but Sandy could be different.  The wind field is incredible.  Watch the forecasts.  This storm is a monster in size with record low pressure and intensity will be maintained over a long duration.  For these reasons I expect that there will be a high rise wind impact for Sandy.

Sandy forecasted to make landfall as Cat. 1 Storm on the NJ Shore

There are two main reasons that high rise glass breakage will be a major threat:
NUMBER ONE wind speeds associated with a tropical cyclone tend to increase with height.  For every 30 stories that you rise above ground level, the wind may increase as many as 20-25 mph (or an entire hurricane category level).  This means that a storm producing 75 mph winds at the surface may produce 95-100 mph winds at the 30th floor, and 125 mph winds at the 60th floor.  Add some debris to the equation, and we have all of the ingredients necessary for instant glass breakage.
NUMBER TWO.  There will be winds at the surface of at least 40 mph sustained and in a city - particularly in an area like New York City where high rise buildings are tightly packed within relatively small geographic areas, very strong "wind tunnel" effects are created as strong winds blow in between ever tightening spaces between buildings. 
Understand the timing of the storm and make sure windows are covered during the peak wind intensity.  Be aware and prepared.

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