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We are still several days out from the storm but there is mounting evidence that Hurricane Sandy will affect our area.  The risk of a significant impact from this storm increased again today along with the likelihood of a landfall along the U.S. East Coast.  Now is the time to be aware of the forecast and make a "GO" plan for yourself and your family.





Here’s generally what to expect in the Tri State, depending on where landfall is:

Direct hit between Eastern Long Island and Southeastern New England area:

  • Damaging winds 40-60mph from the NW (land winds
  • Rain of 4 to 8 inches
  • Flooding-locally and River Floods
  • Storm Surge + High Astronomical Tide = Major Coastal Flooding

Direct South Jersey hit:

  • Serious 6 to 8 foot Storm Surge and Waves above 20 feet        
  • Strong winds 60-80mph
  • Rain 3 to 6 inches
  • Flooding still likely, Inland NJ could see highest amounts
  • Coastal Flooding, beach erosion Long Island & CT South Facing Shores

Timing still depends on the exact track but the weather will start to go downhill Sunday.

A Hurricane Warning and evacuations could be in effect by then for parts of the coastal areas.

Complications are the full moon on Monday Oct. 29 - this will make any coastal flooding worse and typically takes the tide up to 1 foot above the high tide normals. And falling Autumn leaves will weigh down trees. Those still on trees will make it easier for some to come down, causing more power outages. Leaves on the roads will make it extra slippery. Plus leaves will clog storm drains.

Expect problems in our area abut also all along the East Coast depending on the exact track.

Air travel will be a nightmare, with flights canceled from DC to Boston, with many more big delays.


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