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August 2012

Thanks for Sending Your Questons and Pictures Amy.e.Freeze@abc.com




Amy Freeze is Meteorologist for WABC-TV's popular Eyewitness News Saturday and Sunday Morning.

Amy is one of only a few women in the world who has earned the prestigious Certified Broadcast Meteorologist accreditation from the American Meteorological Society. She also holds Seals of Approval from both the AMS and the National Weather Association.

Get your New York City weather and Tri-State area AccuWeather forecast here on 7online!

Amy joined Channel 7's Eyewitness News Weather Team in 2011, after serving as Chief Meteorologist for Fox News in Chicago. Before that she was a meteorologist at Philadelphia's WCAU-TV, was morning meteorologist at KMGH-TV in Denver and worked on KPTV's local morning news program "Good Day Oregon" in Portland. Her work has earned her several Emmy Awards, including for "Best Weathercaster," "Outstanding Host" and for her weather special, "Surviving Severe Weather."

Amy holds a Masters Degree in Environmental Sciences from the University of Pennsylvania. She earned her B.A. in Communications from Brigham Young University, with an emphasis on Broadcast Journalism. She also has a B.S. in Geosciences from Mississippi State University, with an emphasis on Severe Weather and Forecasting.

An avid runner, Amy has completed marathons in Colorado, Illinois, Pennsylvania, California and New York, completing the New York City Marathon in 2002 and 2011. She's also a certified SCUBA diver and has taken a swim with the dozen or so 300lb sharks that reside at the New Jersey State Aquarium. She has reported on movies and entertainment, covered the Olympic Games in Salt Lake City and Atlanta, and was the first female sideline reporter for Major League Soccer.  Amy also worked on the NFL Sidelines during Chicago Bears Games for four seasons.

Amy gives time to her community speaking to school children about weather and supporting charitable causes. She has emceed the Miss Illinois/Miss America Pageant in Chicago, the Miles to Fight Melanoma Race and won Chicago's "Dancing with the Stars" contest benefitting the March of Dimes.

Born in Utah and raised Southern Indiana, Amy has lived in eight states. She is married and lives on the Upper West Side with her four children.

And yes, "Freeze" is her real name!


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NYRR Announce No Bag Policy


72 Days until the November 4th Marathon.  My blog today covers the policy change about bags and reaction. But before I go there.  I loved meeting runners training today in Central Park.  A big shout out especially to 5 year Breast Cancer Survivor Pam Hiklen (I wanted to take off in my heels and finish the 8 miler with you!!) Pam is running her very first marathon on November 4th which happens to be her 50th birthday... she is such an inspiration - brave and fierce!  Also 60-time Marathoner Joe Salow doing his 26th (or 27th he's lost count) NYC marathon --- you are lively and whitty and I wish you the best. 

Francis Laros from South Africa and Ruy Guimaraes -- wow, watching you guys run reminds me of how beautiful the human body is when it is challenged, and fit, and strong.  Linda Chan from Brooklyn- good luck on your 2nd Marathon this year!  And a shout out to Lisa Kim - way to go in your bright PINK!  And congrats to James Coopey from Staten Island who will be doing his 8th NYC Marathon this fall. Thank you for all the emails, facebooks and twitters about race day and the new policy.   Now, to the hurdle some runners are facing... how to plan for a race now that there is no baggage service offered.


After running 6 marathons (including 2 NYC marathons) I agree that the post race exit and bag pickup is TOO LONG!  But I've also never run a race I couldn't check a bag.  I'm torn on this!  After talking with Mary Wittenberg I do not think that they wanted to do away with bag checks --- I think it's just a liguistical decision between the race and the city -- there simply isnt enough room at the finish!  For a race that gets a 98% approval rating from finishers --- the major complaint of the race is the post race flow out of the park.  Maybe this will fix it.  The new 4th wave addition and the quicker exit of the park should make the flow a lot better. Plus the race is bringing back the Central Park West Family Reunion Spot which should be a good social spot post race.  As soon as I get race poncho pics I'll post them... they sound really cool. 

FInally -- if the no bag policy is too much for you to take --- you can defer your coveted NYC Race Entry spot to next year... but race organizers say, sorry, NO REFUNDS.

 Utlimately, I think the race will be dynamite as usual.... and now, there's one more reason to hope for good weather!

Here is just one of the dozen or so emails I got today, even more feedback in on the WABC and NYRR Facebook and Twitter Accounts:

Dear Amy: I have never run New York, but have close to 40 marathons and ultras under my belt.  I ran my first marathon in 1978.  The finisher t-shirt was plain cotton and we didn't get any finisher medals.

I believe that marathoners have evolve into spoiled crybabies that want SO much just so they can go run.  I have been to races where I needed to walk a mile to the start line.  I ran Boston in 1993 and spent half a day waiting for the race to start.  I have run races where the starting and finishing line were determined while we waited for the start.  I stood in the rain for a half an hour waiting for a race to start.  If I want to keep warm for the pre-race I will take something I don't want and leave it at the starting line.

Now days, marathoners want tech shirts, medals, aid stations every mile, pictures, snacks and enough available food at the finish to feed themselves and their family.  Besides all this, marathoners want low/cheap entry fees.  Marathons have become so crazy!  Twitter is full of posts demanding their money back just cause they can't get their crap afterwards.  Pathetic.  

I support NYRR for making the change.  I think marathons events need to get back to the thrill of running rather than all the pampering marathoners demand. I would rather participate in a trail event that doesn't give out t-shirts,  no medals, but, with unlimited post-event beer than I would a big fancy marathon.

Cheers, Clark



COOL: Look up to 36-thousand Feet

If you are wondering why it's been so cool and dry -- afterall, August can have extreme heat and humidity!  The reason is high above our heads in the clouds... the below average temperatures and low storm count are due to the position of the jetstream -- which is a lot more like early Autumn right now rather than late Summer!!  #COOL

During the National Weather Service's daily weather balloon launch this week, they included the following report:  "We observed an anomalously strong jet stream at the top of the troposphere (where the majority of weather happens). Winds were measured at 148 mph at approximately 36,000 and 41,000 feet. The jet s

tream has dipped far south over the last few days and has created a deep trough over the eastern U.S. We are located east of the trough axis, where strong jet stream winds more typical in the middle of autumn are currently overhead!"