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Mirror Ball Win a First for New 'Dancing With the Stars: All-Stars' Champions

The finale kicked off with all of the contestants from this season dancing with each other!  They really looked like they were having a great time out there.  Then their pro partners joined in the dance too.  I think this cast really bonded with each other like none other.  It was a great way to start the show!





The judges chose Shawn and Derek’s performance with the “Fab 5” women’s gymnastics team to see again as their favorite dance.  I think it was even better the second time around!



Then it was time for the couples to pick out their instant dances!  Kelly and Val picked out the Cat & Mouse Jive.  Melissa and Tony came down next and picked out the Life is a Highway Samba!  This will be their second Samba of the finals!  Shawn and Derek got the Respect Cha Cha.  The couples rushed backstage where they have less than an hour to get their dances prepared.



Bristol and Mark came out and performed for the crowd.  She was even better than I remembered.  Pamela and Tristan came out next to dance and she looked amazing in her gold shimmery bodysuit and high boots wow.  Although, you could hardly ever see her face through all of her hair! 



Helio and Chelsie did a very high energy dance and they got at least twice the time of the other couples out there so far!  They did a great job!  Drew and Anna looked fantastic as they took to the floor again.  It’s hard to believe that they were eliminated so early on in the show.  But, what was up with the music being so fast?!  It’s a fast song, but they sounded like they were singing super fast.  Drew’s daughter Isabella appeared in the dance and she was so cute!  She did an amazing job out there, we should just give her the Mirror Ball trophy!



Then they brought out the Gangnam Style team along with some other contestants from earlier this season and they performed their hilarious routine again!  It was great!  Kirstie had a little trouble in her routine because she got caught up in her clothes.  My favorite part is still Gilles dancing in a towel.  It would have been even cooler if Korean rapper Psy had come out for it!



Joey and Kym did a “Back to the Future” segment and then they did a time traveling routine!  It was awesome, they brought out a Delorian on stage and danced to the music from “Back to the Future”.  Their costumes lit up too!  Then, two little kids came out and they danced with them too as their “past” selves.  It was really, really good!



Sabrina and Louis danced a country dance to “Wanted” and they had a little mishap in the middle of the dance where they couldn’t really grip their hands together.  Good thing this dance was just for show and not for scores!



Then it was time for “Call Me Maybe” again with a newly configured team.  It was really good, but again, couldn’t they get Carly Rae Jepsen to come out and sing it?  This is the big finale after all…canned music??  Chelsie nearly killed Helio with her legs in one move.  Overall a good job by the stars and the pros though.



I love that Gilles and Peta came out and did their “Tally Ho” Bollywood style dance.  It was amazing the first time and awesome to see again!  Then we got to see the amazing lyrical dance by Apolo and Karina.  That was my favorite dance of theirs! 



Emmitt did his “Chang Chang Chang” dance with Cheryl and it was OK.  I wasn’t a huge fan this season of his.  He’s a great dancer and I think he could have really stepped it up more, if he had, he would have been in the finals!



Kelly and Val were up first with their Instant Jive to “Cat & Mouse”.  They had good energy and did some amazing twists and turns.  I really liked it!  They should get good scores for this I think.  Len said it was clean and crisp.  Bruno said they were great, and Carrie Ann said that they won the hearts of the audience.

Their Scores: Carrie Ann – 9.5, Len – 9.5, and Bruno – 9.5, for a total of 28.5 out of 30.



Melissa and Tony danced their Instant Samba and it was very swanky!  They dance so well together, they were made to be dance partners.  It was perfect!  I didn’t see anything wrong with it at all, but we’ll see what the judges have to say!  Len said they did a great job.  Carrie Ann said she had beautiful lines but she rushed the music a hair.  Kirstie Alley said that she disagreed from the audience.  Len agreed with Carrie Ann but said that they were a pleasure to watch this season.

Their Scores: Carrie Ann-  9.5, Len – 9.5, and Bruno – 9.5, for a total of 28.5 out of 30.  They will stay in first place with judges’ scores.



Shawn and Derek were up last with their Instant Cha Cha.  “Respect” is a difficult song to Cha Cha to.  She did amazing though.  They were right on the beat and had some interesting flair to the dance.  Carrie Ann said that it was so amazing and said it was a star-studded performance.  Len said that they did some amazing choreography and said it was fantastic.  Bruno said they are going out with a bang and it was a grand finale!

Their Scores: Carrie Ann – 10, Len – 10, and Bruno – 10, for a perfect 30 out of 30!



Oddly enough, there was no big performer in this last show.  Usually there’s a big name singer or someone that performs, but this time it was all about the dancing.



Finally, it was time for results.  In third place it was Kelly and Val.  No surprise there.  Then it was down to the final two who are both from Season 8!  This time however, it was Melissa and Tony who took home the Mirror Ball Trophy!  She was so excited and I thought Tony was going to die he was so excited!  They deserved it! 




You can watch them later tonight on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” and then tomorrow morning on “Good Morning America” with the other contestants.


Linda Kalb

Congrats to Melissa and Tony!!!!!! It was a fabulous final, all three couples were terrific, amazing choreography and talent by all 6. A great season!!

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