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Brooke Burke-Charvet Reveals She has Cancer

The 41-year-old "Dancing With the Stars" co-host revealed that she has thyroid cancer.

Brooke burke

"I need to have thyroid surgery and a thyroidectomy, which means I'm going to have a nicebig scar right here across my neck," Burke-Charvet, 41, said on The ModernMom YouTube channel. "I don't get to just walk around and pretend like nothing happened or not follow up or not share it, because it's going to be pretty much dead center." 


Apparently, Burke-Charvet had a physical with her doctor where they found a nodule and couldn't tell if it was cancerous or benign, but after some testing it revealed that it was cancerous.


The mother of four reports that her doctor has given her a positive prognosis.  You can read more about this from People Magazine.




saying something like that only causes others to get the crap scared out of them....ive also had my thyroid removed, and theres no scar thats visible....thyroid cancer is completely curable....take out the thyroid, cancer is gone....dont needlessly frighten people. shame on you....you took what could have been a positive learning experience for others and made it scary needlessly.

suzie gordon

I'm sorry to hear about this... don't worry though, in a short while it won't be visable.(the scar)
I too had a total thyroidectomy, and you can't even tell. Go to Mt. Sinai in NYC... ENT dept. Dr. Genden is the best. 212 2419410. Good luck.


No worries - I was diagnosed with the same cancer in 2004. And over time the scar is almost invisible. Good luck and best wishes for a speedy and successful recovery.


Had the same thing a couple of years ago - Nobody notices the scar, but every time I look in the mirror, that is all I see - I also think that I am very lucky that they found the nodule and I am now healthy. Good luck with everything!

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