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A Top Scoring Star Sent Home on 'Dancing With the Stars'

Tonight, another All-star couple was eliminated.  But, before that happened, the couples picked dance style fusions for each other.  They will perform those dances next week, assuming they were not the eliminated couple.



Also, just in case you haven’t heard enough of Taylor Swift’s new song, “We are Never Ever Getting Back Together”, she was on to sing it!  The crowd sure enjoyed it!  Then, Tom Bergeron made some small talk with Taylor in which he compared her to Sean Connery and really confused her.



Shockingly, the top scorers were in the bottom three but Melissa & Tony were the first to learn they were safe.  Then it was down to Sabrina & Louis and Apolo & Karina.  In the end, Sabrina & Louis were eliminated.  Everyone was really sad and shocked and they all compared it to Season 5 all over again.  The thing is, it’s an all-star season and almost everyone is amazing!  They all can’t be winners!  Sadly, as the show ended, you could see Louis have a really sad look on his face and Sabrina burst into tears as her fellow competitors hugged her.


Sandy and DWTS

Due to Hurricane Sandy, we are unable to post a blog on DWTS Country Week tonight.  We hope to have an update on this episode at a later time.

You can watch it on ABC Channel 7 digital, or later on http://beta.abc.go.com/shows/dancing-with-the-stars/

Thanks for your understanding and stay safe out there!

Here is a recap with photos from our friends at On the Red Carpet http://www.ontheredcarpet.com/photos/-Dancing-With-The-Stars:-All-Stars-week-6-photos/8865737


'Gangnam Style' the Most Fun Ever on 'Dancing With the Stars'

First up with their guilty pleasure dance on night two, was Tony and Melissa!  They danced the Tango to “Toxic” by Britney Spears.  She looked fantastic!.  It was a slow start if you ask me, but then it was swanky and very hot!  They seemed right on and you would never know Melissa suffered an injury this week.  Len said that she deserves a pat on the back because it was crisp and wonderful!  He said there could be a tad more snap but he knows she was hurt.  Bruno said it wasn’t toxic it was intoxicating!  Carrie Ann said she was great but thought her torso could be a little tighter.

Their Scores: Carrie Ann – 9, Len – 9, and Bruno – 9, for a 27 out of 30.  They have a total of 56.5 points when combined with their team dance.


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Carrie Ann Takes a Tumble, 'Guilty Pleasures' Week

Right off the bat I was a little disappointed that we were going to have to wait to see the “Gangnam Style” dance tomorrow.  Tonight it is team Shawn with “Call Me Maybe”.  Before we get to the team dance, we will see some individual dances first. 



Kelly and Val were up first with their Samba to “I Want You Back”.  It started off very sexy, but it took a while until they finally danced in hold.  I was waiting for it and waiting for it!  She looked a little awkward with some of her hip movements, but the choreography was really fun to watch.  Also, he is CONSTANTLY kissing her; I totally think something is going on there, anyone else?  Len said it was a little longwinded getting started.  He said there were elements that he liked but it was a tad on the raunchy side for him.  Bruno said that she was a tasty tease and he loves the way she spots in her spins but she had a forced bounce.  Carrie Ann said she seemed a little unsure and her top was a little disconnected from the bottom.  She added that it wasn’t Kelly’s best dance.


Their Scores: Carrie Ann – 8, Len – 8, and Bruno – 8.5, for a total of 24.5 out of 30.  I think that extra .5 from Bruno was a bit generous.


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Teams Picked and Another Star is Sent Packing

Four couples were up for results right off the bat.  The first couple safe was Shawn & Derek!  The second couple safe was Kelly & Val.  Bristol & Mark however learned that they were in jeopardy.  Sabrina & Louis were happy to find out that they were safe despite what I thought was a problematic routine.



Then it was time for the "Macy's Stars of Dance Performance".  It was choreographed by Christopher Scott who brought with him the Legion of Extraordinary Dancers (LXD). This powerful piece featured18-year-old internet sensation Christina Grimmie at the piano singing "Titanium," and I think we’ll be hearing a lot more from her!  She was amazing alongside Jessica Keller as the lead ballerina.


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Paula Abdul Joins the Judging Panel for One Night of New Dance Styles

Paula Abdul joined the judging panel on tonights “Dancing With the Stars: All Stars”. 

Also, another exciting component to tonight’s show, the couples danced in styles that are not commonly a part of the show.  I loved the joking that Paula and the other judges did about her former “Idol” co hosts, particularly, the part about Len putting on a dark tight v-neck t-shirt.



Kirstie and Maks were up first with the Charleston!  Kirstie popped out of a cake and had lots of energy!  The crowd was wowed when she pulled off the “Cartwheel trick”.  I loved this dance!  They did a great job!  I’m not sure about Maks face being in her breasts, but they are unpredictable.  Lastly they did a swimming worm at the end!  It really was amazing.  I wish they did the Charleston on this show more often!  Len said that she turns “mundane into fundane”.  He said he would have liked it a little cleaner here and there.  Paula said that she takes on the roles of the characters week after week just wonderfully.  Bruno said that she’s a mad woman and he loves her for it.  Carrie Ann said that she looked stunning (and she did!) and that she was playing to her strengths with the dancing and it was great!

Their scores:  Carrie Ann – 7.5, Len – 7.5, Paula 7.5, and Bruno 7.5, for a 30 out of 40.


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Two Former Champions Fall on 'Dancing With the Stars: All-Stars'

The results show began with Len announcing that the judges would like to see Shawn and Derek’s Quick Step!  I was hoping they would do it again! 

I love the amount of energy and just bounciness that this routine has!  It was fantastic to see again.



Right off the bat, it was time for results.  Melissa & Tony and Gilles & Peta were safe!  Then Emmitt and Cheryl learned that they were safe.  Somehow, the stars did not align for Kirstie & Maks who learned that they were in jeopardy!  Oh no!  Don’t forget, it’s a double elimination and two couples have to go home.

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Shawn Johnson Breaks the Rules, but Does the Best Dance Ever!

On “Dancing With the Stars” they promised to make two big announcements, so we’ll have to see what those are as the night goes on.  The stars tonight had to take creative control of the dances! 




Drew and Anna were up first with their Cha Cha Cha.  They looked hot out there!  I loved how he ripped off Anna’s skirt to reveal a slinky Cha Cha outfit!  My one criticism is that for at least the beginning of the dance, she seemed to dance around him a bit and he wasn’t doing very much.  I thought the routine was fun though and a great way to start the show!  Len said he liked the concept and the performance!  Bruno said it was like Magic Mike!  Carrie Ann said that the creative direction was great and she thought it was a great Cha Cha.

Their Scores: Carrie Ann – 8, Len – 8, and Bruno – 8, for a 24 out of 30.


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Will Bristol Palin dance another week?

Bristol Palin and Mark Ballas finished at the bottom after their performances after Monday night, but would that mark the end of competition?

The answer is… (stop here if you don't want to know)

Bristol palin

Bristol and Mark survived to dance another night.  They even escaped the bottom 2.

Joey Fatone and Kym Johnson were eliminated.

"I'll miss everybody out here. Everybody was great. I had a great time," Fatone said. "I'm actually going to a wedding tomorrow so I don't give a damn! I'm going to have a good time." 

Val Chmerkovskiy and partner Kelly Monaco along with Helio Castroneves and Chelsie Hightower also finished in the bottom three.

Next week, double elimination!



Semi-Surprising Elimination on Week 2 of 'Dancing With the Stars: All-Stars'

The results show kicked off with Sabrina and Louis’ Quick Step as the judges’ choice dance.  It was of course fabulous, just as it was Monday night.


Right off the bat, it was time for some results.  The first couple who was safe was Sabrina and Louis fresh off their encore performance.  Then Emmitt and Cheryl also found out that they were safe, no surprise there.  Drew and Anna were safe after being in the bottom two last week, and they were thrilled.  Joey and Kym sadly were in jeopardy!  What!  I loved his performance, I’m so sad that he didn’t get the votes apparently.

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