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Sunny, Seasonably Chilly, Tranquil Weather Gets Us Into Saturday Around NYC!


Grab the Coats AND the Sunglasses!

Good Morning,

The infrared satellite loop early this morning is showing a conveyor belt of clouds pushing

northward along the Eastern Seaboard... As we mentioned yesterday and the previous day, there

is a low pressure system early this morning which is bringing some rain to the Southeast... This

wave is expected to linger along the coasts of Georgia and the Carolinas today and tonight before

heading out to sea tomorrow...

And, while we aren't concerned that there will be any precipitation north of the Mason-Dixon Line

today or tonight, these clouds should manage to dim the sun at times around here today... That

plume of moisture in the mid and upper levels will eventually be pushing off shore early tonight,

and the sky should become mostly clear late tonight... As for temperatures, our thinking still hasn't

changed, and most will be in the 40s this afternoon... Obviously, since most typical daytime

temperatures at this time of year are in the lower or middle 40s, this is something climatology

would tell us "we should expect" during mid December... The rest of the forecast remains

unchanged... Most forms of the numerical guidance are coming in "a little cooler" than what we

had been anticipating on both Friday and Saturday, so these temperatures have been trimmed just

a bit... Under normal circumstances, this probably wouldn't even get noticed, but the numbers

which had been in the lower 50s are now in the mid/upper 40s...

The next wave of low pressure that has the potential to impact our weather over the weekend is

going to be forming tomorrow night and Friday in the middle of the country... As the leading edge

of somewhat milder air presses eastward on Saturday night and early Sunday morning, there will

be a warm front advancing into the Northeast... Even though the low pressure system will be

tracking across the Great Lakes (and well to your northwest), there should be a few periods of

mostly light rain around here after midnight on Saturday night that will last into Sunday...

There is a minor concern that this precipitation may start off as a little sleet or wet snow across

portions of upstate New York, northwestern New Jersey and in northeastern Pennsylvania late on

Saturday night... However, as the temperature climbs out of the 30s and into the 40s in these

places on Sunday, it should take whatever 'wintry mix' there is and change it over to plain rain...

Meanwhile, the longer range is still showing signs of a very intriguing weather system that would

have a more widespread impact on the East Coast in about a week -- there are still some signals

from the various global models that a coastal storm may be paying us a visit during the middle of

next week... Have a good day!!


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