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Big Time Cold This Morning Around the NYC Area! Feels Like the 20s to Start!


However, the cold lasts for only on day! Wamer for the weekend with rain.

Today: Plenty of Sunshine but Plenty Cold Too!  High 42  Feels Like 30


Tonight: Patchy Clouds  Low 34 City and 24 in Suburbs


Friday: Sun to Start then Cloudy, Showers Late High 47



Good Morning,


Many of the same forecast ideas that were presented yesterday remain unchanged this

morning... While there is still obviously time to provide some "fine-tuning", it still appears that the

dominant feature in the short term is a ridge of high pressure, which is still building across the

Great Lakes and into the Northeast's interior early today... This broad area of high pressure is

expected to slowly drift to the east today and tonight, reaching a position near the coast of

southern New England tomorrow morning... So, while there ought to be a good deal of sunshine

today, it will be much chillier than what we've grown accustomed to lately...


There has been a brisk wind occurring in the Tri-State Area since yesterday afternoon, which is

rapidly diminishing early this morning... That is because the pressure gradient between a cold

front that pushed through the region early yesterday and the aforementioned zone of high

pressure located to the north and west has been fairly tight -- but it continues to weaken as of this

writing... So, we're expecting temperatures no higher than the lower 40s today, and most outlying

areas tonight will be in the 20s, expect the bigger cities and most coastal communities will be in

the lower or middle 30s... The leading edge of some milder air aloft is going to cause some high

and mid level clouds to streak eastward tonight, so that is our apparent 'wild card' when it comes

to temperature forecasting... In those areas that are clear much of the night, it will probably get

chilly very quickly... Conversely, those places that encounter some clouds, it won't be quite as



Tomorrow will probably bring some early sun to at least parts of the area, but the prevailing ideas

are that it will ultimately become cloudy by midday or early tomorrow afternoon... There should be

an area of light rain tomorrow that will begin to press eastward across Pennsylvania and upstate

New York... And, if this overrunning moisture were to expand quickly enough, it is possible that

some areas north and west of the City may encounter a touch of rain or perhaps drizzle by the end

of the day... At this time, it looks like temperatures will be in the 40s, so there is no immediate

concern that any frozen precipitation that would cause travel problems -- but, it probably wouldn't

hurt to mention that, at the onset of precipitation, this light rain could mix with a little sleet in some

of the highest elevations of northeastern Pennsylvania, northwestern New Jersey and in the

Catskills... As some milder air surges northward on Saturday (something else we had talked about

yesterday), temperatures should rise into the lower and middle 50s in most places -- but this won't

be because we're expecting a decent amount of sunshine around here... Actually, most of the

upcoming weekend appears as if it will be mostly cloudy, and there's a chance for a couple of

showers on Saturday...


There's going to be a front located north and west of the area on Saturday morning, which will be pressing

southeastward during the afternoon and evening hours... And this boundary should eventually wind up well

to our south by late Saturday night -- we described yesterday how the primary wind flow behind it by Sunday

should be out of the east and northeast, which will make it a 'chillier day' than Saturday (going near 50 on

Sunday, as opposed to the mid and upper 50s on Saturday)... There should once again be some moisture

overrunning this front later on Sunday and Sunday night, which could cause some spotty rain to begin

breaking out across the mid Atlantic states and the Northeast... But, even though this rain may occur on and

off into next Monday, there should be another surge of milder air, which will probably push most

temperatures into the lower 60s on Monday afternoon (making it an even warmer surge that Saturday's)...


There is going to be a wave of low pressure early next week which will be cutting up to the north and west of

the Appalachians, which will allow for the much milder air to push up the Eastern Seaboard, and then a

colder air mass should follow on its heels --- which should arrive late on Monday night or early Tuesday...

Tuesday's temperatures were adjusted downward, and they could require a 'little more tweaking' in the next

day or so (we didn't want to make a twelve-degree change on the sixth day of the forecast period this

morning)... It will eventually be back in the lower 40s again by the middle of next week -- not much different

than what we're expecting today.


Have a good day!!!



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