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A Mild & Rainy Start to the NYC Week! Colder Air and Reality Return Tomorrow!

Quiet, Tanquil Weather Moves in Tuesday and Lasts the Rest of the Week!

Today: Morning Fog and Drizzle, Showers and Warmer High: 62


Tonight: Showers and Rain Tonight, Low 43 Colder Toward Dawn with Passage of a Cold Front


Tomorrow: Sunshine, Brisk, & Chilly High: 48



Good Morning,


The latest warm front to push up the Eastern Seaboard is still located near the Tri-State Area

early this morning... As of 3 a.m. -- the surface winds at many of the hourly reporting stations was

still out of the east and northeast... This will be changing as we go through the course of this

morning, and temperatures that are starting off mostly in the 40s will probably be within a couple

of degrees of 50 during the morning rush... But, in addition to a touch of rain and some drizzle

early today, there will also be some patchy dense fog -- the visibility at J.F.K. Airport, for example,

was as low as a quarter of a mile very early this morning... So, after a mild and murky start, there

will be plenty of leftover clouds, but temperatures should manage to climb into the lower and

middle 60s this afternoon, except near some of the south-facing shores... Parts of coastal

Connecticut, the South Shore of Long Island and some of the barrier islands at the Jersey Shore

will fail to get out of the 50s, but even these locations will have temperatures averaging more than

ten degrees above normal for this time of year...


Obviously, we will be in a so-called "warm sector" for several hours today as this morning's warm

front pushes into southern and central New England, and then the focus of our attention later this

afternoon and this evening will be on a cold front that will be approaching the I-95 corridor from

the west... This front should be the culprit that will lead to a couple of hours of rain later this

afternoon and this evening, which may very well impact the afternoon and evening commute...

Then, the rain will taper off some time around midnight, and some drier and chillier air will start to

filter into the Tri-State Area early tomorrow morning... Most temperatures at daybreak tomorrow

will be no lower than the 40s, except in some places located well to the north and west of the big

cities -- but there won't be very much recovery occurring later tomorrow... Most high temperatures

will be in the mid and upper 40s tomorrow, or around fifteen degrees LOWER than what we're

expecting today...


While the global models are showing a wave of low pressure emerging during midweek in the

Southeast, which will "hug the Carolina Coast" for about a day or two before it heads out to sea,

the Northeast and most of the mid Atlantic states will be dominated by a ridge of high pressure

that will be spreading eastward across the northern latitudes... Temperatures on Wednesday and

Thursday, for the most part, should be no higher than the 40s -- even though there will be a good

deal of sunshine both days... The dry weather should persist through the start of the upcoming



Have a good day!!!


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