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One More Mild Day Then Colder Rainy Weather is on the Way to NYC!

Rainy Tomorrow and Much Cooler Temperatures Will Return.

Today: Morning Fog, Then Sunshine & Clouds, Mild  High: 65


Tonight: Clouds Increase, Showers After Midnight  Low :52


Tomorrow: Windy, Rainy and Cooler, High:55 Falling through the 40s in the afternoon



Good Morning!


A rather uncomplicated weather pattern will unfold during the next couple of days with everything

hinging upon a cold front that will push across the region early this week bringing with it some

rain and then sweeping out the mild air behind it. High pressure will then take control of the

weather for later this week.


An area of low pressure centered near James Bay this morning has a cold front that extends

southward across the western Great Lakes into the Deep South and the western Gulf of Mexico.

This cold front will slide eastward today and push showers into the eastern Great Lakes by this

evening and then to the East Coast by daybreak tomorrow. As this front pushes eastward we will

see the corridor of rain across the Midwest this morning taper off, becoming a thinner line of

precipitation with the steady rain becoming more showery in nature and the southern tail of the

front drying out. However, while the rain associated with the cold front diminishes in areal

coverage and intensity it will still pack a punch when it comes to temperature changes.


The cold front will continue to press eastward tomorrow across New England and the mid-Atlantic, but it

will stall across northern Florida in the Southeast. High pressure behind the cold front will build

across the Northeast on Wednesday and remain the dominant weather maker for the rest of the

work week. As we get into next weekend, an area of low pressure will develop along the stalled

front off the Southeast coast this Friday. This coastal low will then drift northward Saturday and

Sunday bringing with it an increase in cloudiness and perhaps some rain by late next Sunday.

As far as the details of the forecast, it will be another warm day for us ahead of the cold front with

clouds on the increase as the front pushes eastward.


We expect some showers to move into our area late tonight and then move out early tomorrow afternoon.

The rainfall will be unimpressive, but the temperature changes will be quite noticeable. Our high will likely be early in the day tomorrow with temperatures falling throughout the afternoon. We should highlight this dramatic

change so that people are prepared from the start that tomorrow will be much, much cooler than

yesterday or today as it will be a cold slap to the face for those caught unprepared for the colder

weather. High pressure in the wake of the cold front will then keep us chilly despite a good deal of

sunshine both Wednesday and Thursday.


There will be an increase in cloudiness this Friday and Saturday as that low moves up the East Coast,

and some rain and wind is possible late Sunday or Sunday night. It may continue to rain next Monday into next Tuesday. Keep in mind that this coastal low may not develop, or develop farther east and as result there may be no rain Sunday or Monday but the potential is there for stormy weather.


Have a great day!

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