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Brad Womack answers your questions on Facebook

Brad Womack, "The Bachelor", wants to quell your fears about him appearing on the show for the second time.  He's answering the top 10 most asked questions by his fans on Facebook.


As you can see, the first question Brad answers is: "What has changed about you since you were "The Bachelor" the first time that will make your experience different this time?"


I wasn't too thrilled with his response to be honest.  I mean, "what hasn't changed" and "I'm more open now" would mean a lot more with some specific examples...but maybe I expect too much!  I'm still excited to see him go through this whole process again. 


Brad plans to post his answers to the other 9 remaining questions, and I can't wait to share those answers with you too!  Also, check out the comments on his facebook fan page, some are brutal!


Hugs, Kisses & Roses,

Jennifer Matarese


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